Men Only - Healing Love and Tantra by Colin Drown
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Monday, October 5 - Monday, October 12
All Day

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Men Only – Healing Love and Tantra for Healthy Sexual Pleasure by Colin Drown

October 5 – October 12, 2015 at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

rainbow olgaHealing Love and Tantra for healthy sexual pleasure. Techniques handed down through the ages regarding erection and ejaculation control. The emphasis is on experience gained through practice and ritual work. You will learn ways that will serve you a lifetime.

Learn to enjoy the “true orgasm” while not ejaculating. Orgasmic Upward Draw + Ritual = Ahhhhh!

An opportunity to learn practices and information that will support your family life, your growth, your health, your sexual life.The idea is to learn more control and self-intimacy for pleasure and prostate health. Includes: basic Chi Kung and the Taoist meditations the Inner Smile and Six Healing Soundsfor emotional and physical well-being. These are combined with solo Tantric ritual work. You will have the tools for improved sexual intimacy and health.The Micro/Macrocosmic Orbit is a great way to circulate orgasmic energy while connecting with the earth and the heavens.

The Smiling Deer is a gift from the ancestors, the Ancient Ones. It has been considered a one complete practice for activating, circulating and storing energy.

The Healing Love practices of the Power Lock and Orgasmic Upward Draw are treasures of the Universal Healing Tao. Thank You, Master Mantak Chia.

Your instructor is me, Colin Drown. I am an Instructor in Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao. I like teaching and it is my satisfaction to present you this opportunity. I’ve been teaching and practicing these subjects for 25 years. And it is a joy. Come and we will make some time to visit some local nature spots, temples and markets. If you’ve never visited Chiang Mai city and Chiang Mai province plan to extend your stay and enjoy the area.

Price: $700 USD per person.  Accommodation not included.

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