Women Only - Healing Love and Tantra by Marina Dadasheva-Drown
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Monday, September 7 - Monday, September 14
All Day

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Women Only – Healing Love and Tantra for Healthy Sexual Pleasure by Marina Dadasheva-Drown

September 7 – September 14, 2015 at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

How to find the best relationship for you or how to refresh and don’t lose your intimacy with your present partner.

How to have natural contraception and a beautiful conception.


Solo Sexual rituals and Rebirthing help to give you relief from your trauma or negative sexual experiences. You can clear up and clean up your own conception and birth. Make peace with your parents and give them only gratitude. It doesn’t matter if they are alive or not.

The Jade Egg exercises with Yantra, Mantra and Tantra give you a new opportunity for your female creativity.

Healing Love practices will help bring power to your life as well as gentleness and courage.

Cosmic Healing, massage elements of Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai help you to stabilize your health.

Water Pranayana and swimming help you balance your health and not stay stuck in your trauma and drama.

Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds in nature by the lake and in the forest and near temples support your positive nature through emotional transformation.

Yoga and Chi Kung and meditation give you new roots on which to base your Inner Feng Shui.

You will learn how to have a healthy menstruation and menopause. An often quoted ‘study’ goes like this: Women were asked about their orgasm. One third of the respondents said they had orgasms regularly whenever they wanted. Another third of the group reported that they had no control; sometimes orgasm, most times no orgasm. The final third of the women expressed, “Orgasm? Never had one.” Come and learn to come when you wish. Explore the different types: clitoral, urethral sponge and more.

Price: $700 USD per person.  Accommodation not included.

For communication: marinamidwife@hotmail.com

Marina Dadasheva-Drown is a Spiritual Midwife available for private instruction. Marina teaches the roots of societal healing with great heart and experience. Her Lessons are specialized in instructing those interested in: The Healing Tao – Chi Kung, Healing Love, Fusion. Tantra for singles and couples. Post Birth Teachings – Swimming baby, baby yoga, dynamic gymnastics for baby, Rebirthing for all ages. Breathing Techniques – Holotropic Breathing. Pneumo-catharthis.

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