Quantum Orgasm/Intimacy 606 Part I

Quantum Orgasm/Intimacy 606 Part I
Event Time
Tuesday, December 29 - Thursday, December 31
10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Quantum Orgasm/Intimacy 606 Part I

Tuesday, December 29 – Thursday, December 31, 2015 Location Tao Garden, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“There are only two ways to live your life: one is as though nothing is a miracle; the other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein

How would you like to experience an orgasm that keeps on giving without a let down? When you live your vast abidingself unique activity with awareness, this is what you feel. We cover and shift all of the hazards and BATHWAVEs (beliefs, actions, thoughts, habits, words, attitudes, values, and emotions) that distract us from the awareness of this. Bringing this into our relationships in a relationshifting way opens doors of pleasurable relating. Events Flyer please click here to download.

Tuition fee 7,000 THB Approximate to US$212 or 13,500 for both part I & II. not include accommodation.

Morning start 9:00 AM – 13:00 PM | After noon start 4:30 PM – 18:00 PM

Dr. Angela Longo, Lic. Acu, Ph. D. in Biochemistry from UC Berkeley, Professor at SF State University teaching Holistic Medicine integrates Mantak Chia’s Taoist Methods with her Quantum World methods, Holistic Health Practitioner for over 42 years: Licensed Acupuncturist using Chinese Medicinal Herbs. Was Founder and Professor of accredited Hawaii College of Oriental Medicine on the Big Island 20 years since 1985. Now creating Quantum Coaches and teachers.

Taking Quantum Life Coaching with Relationshifting was a very transformational experience for me. Angela provides tools to access the truths behind deeper meanings and relationships within your own being. Seemingly upsetting issues in one’s life can become mirrors we can learn to take responsibility for what we are literally creating in our lives by our thoughts, feelings and emotions, usually running at a subconscious level.

Using the quantum shifting technique has been empowering in many ways helping me see the deeper meaning in my dreams, my dynamics with men and women and my own psyche! I was able to transform patterns that I had been carrying around for my entire life and create a new belief or feeling to replace it with.

If you are someone willing to dive into the truths of who you are and dare to venture into your depths and come out with some treasures take her class!

She provides tools in addition to the Taoist practices here to help us all live as conscious co-creators in our daily lives. This is just the type of education the new paradigm needs to live the truth as our resplendent illuminated self!


Hailey Dawn Armstrong

It is recommended to have a private session prior to the workshop or during the workshop when not possible.
Private session 1 day (3 hr) 3,600 THB | Private ​tutoring 5 days (15 hr) 15,000 THB

Good to have one three hour session with Dr Angela in order to experience. Schedule with Pakua Clinic in Tao Garden.
3 hour session 3,900 THB Full quantum transformation.
2 hour session 2,800 THB | 1 hour session 1,500 THB

A private session with Dr Angela Longo prior or in the beginning of the course is needed to give you your incode-decode key for your vast abiding self and transform your 5 element patterns. 

Start reading E-book/ textbook: “Relationshifting…”, now available from www.amazon.com

This course has quantum benefits. It integrates Grand Master Mantak Chia’s methods, especially INNER ALCHEMY of Kan and Li. Watch Mantak Chia on Youtube