One of the primary elements of Master Chia’s philosophy on health is “good water”. Water was also one of the most crucial factors he considered when deciding where to build Tao Garden. After an extensive search, he discovered a place which had good clean air and an ample supply of fresh clean water.
Tao Garden is supplied with water from both a flowing river, and an underground spring. We use it to water our lush organic gardens, wash ourselves, cook our food, and most importantly to hydrate our bodies. Master Chia takes great pride in the process by which this water is prepared for consumption.
We begin with a large multi-stage filter. The first layer is a natural sand filter. This filter removes the largest particles of sediment. The next layer is designed to oxidize and trap hydrogen sulfide, iron, and manganese. The final stage of this pre-filter uses activated carbon to clean the water even further. Activated carbon is able to trap volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC’s) such as pesticides and industrial solvents. Many household “cartridge” filters, which attach to the faucet or are placed on top of a pitcher, utilize activated carbon. Even the water which flows from the faucets and the showers in Tao Garden passes through this system.

Ozonated Water

Tri-atomic oxygen is also called “Ozone”. Ozone is a naturally forming colorless gas. It is present in our atmosphere and scientists believe that it shields the earth from harmful UV rays. It can also be easily manufactured. It has been used for the purification of water since 1893. Ozone naturally destroys many toxic substances through oxidation. It is bactericidal, fungicidal, and destroys all viruses. It had been applied successfully in waste management, farming and for the internal health of the human body. Circulating ozone thru water will destroy all pathogens. After a short time the gas will completely disburse from the water leaving chemical residue behind. This amounts only to clean water. However, if the water is consumed quickly after being ozonated the gas will enter the body. There is a variety of health benefits associated with the ingestion of ozone.
The bactericidal, fungicidal, and anti-viral properties of ozone remain intact as it enters the body. It helps to oxygenate the cells. It supports circulation and healthy immune responses, and it is an anti-inflammatory agent. We have several ozone generators on site. Water can be easily consumed minutes after treatment to achieve the full benefit from the gas. We also offer several other ozone therapies at Tao Garden such as an ozone infused steam bath and ozonated blood treatment.

Alkaline & Hydrogen Water

Drinking water that is alkaline has a positive effect on your whole system. Alkaline water helps to neutralize the acidic wastes from our daily diet. It also reduces the “oxidation reduction potential” (ORP) inside our body. The ORP of normal drinking water is usually around +300 to +400mv. After our treatment process the ORP is reduced to a negative level. Part of the alkalization process we use involves magnesium. Not only does magnesium raise the pH of the water, it also releases active hydrogen. Hydrogen binds with free radicals, neutralizing them, and helping the body to excrete them.
The many options we have at Tao Garden for healthy drinking water reflect Master Chia’s never ending quest to create the healthiest environment possible. Our water is just one element which makes Tao Garden the ideal place for rejuvenation and self healing.