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Holistic Relax Ying Massage by;Elena Wagner

Holistic Relax Ying Massage (Dolphinic) 90 min.                       THB 2,800 In the modern world, where Yang energy dominate and our life is too active, it’s very important, to balance Ying-Yang, and sometimes get experience of deep relax and Soul-Body meditation.   Holistic Relax Ying Massage (Dolphinic) Involves elements of soft yoga-massage, pulsing, Tantra, Sufi, Reiki and […]

Luna Mandalacorn Spiritual Healing Treatment

Mandalacorn Spiritual Healing with Luna December 2017 – February 2018 Feel the energy and power of the sacred spirits You will discover: Original healing practices the power of 30+mandalas Cleaning the chakras and filling them with new energy the secret symbols of success and power divine blessing with meditative Chanting Increase your magnetism and attractiveness […]

Dji Adogli (Afro Tao Healing Dance)

AFRO TAO HEALING DANCE with Dji Adogli  (Available from december to march 2018) Founder of the Afro Tao Dance : A step by step course on the healing traditional west african dance and expressive movements from qi qong. Dji is a Togolese dancer, life coach and instructor of ” “Le Tao de la Femme Lune ® “ […]