Benjamin Elan, Dip. Ac – Classical Chinese Doctor and Narrative Counselor

Benjamin Elan, Dip. Ac is a Classical Chinese Doctor and Narrative Counselor with over 15 years of experience. He started his path doing community health work with indigenous tribes in Southern Israel, and has treated clients from all walks of life – ranging from Arab Sheiks to African Refugees. A nomad by nature, he regularly teaches courses and gives acupuncture sessions in more than a dozen countries. He is a member of the Israeli Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is certified as a Classical Chinese Acupuncturist, Herbalist and a White Tiger Medical Qi Gong instructor. He also holds a degree in Narrative Therapy from Melbourne University.


Transformational Acupuncture

Many chronic health issues do not occur at random, but happen in response to emotional and spiritual difficulties. To diagnose, define and transform these issues people often need guidance and support.

Transformational Acupuncture treats health issues that lay at the cross roads of physical and emotional balance. Combining elements of Classical Chinese Medicine and psychotherapy, it alleviates illness and restores vibrant health by addressing the spiritual crisis that created the problem in the first place.

Transformational Acupuncture works on our physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Using knowledge of a person’s underlying energetic constitution, it helps their energy to flow in the way that’s most natural to it. This gets better health results in fewer treatments, and empowers transformation and personal growth.

Who will benefit from Transformational Acupuncture?

  • People who suffer from chronic illness
  • People who have health issues that are both physical and emotional in nature
  • People who wish to heal emotional trauma
  • People who have tried other forms of Natural Medicine and desire more powerful results
  • People who want to become unstuck on their path of spiritual growth

What to expect in a session

Initial sessions are 90 minutes, and include first interview and diagnosis. Time is spent enquiring into health issues, lifestyle, personality traits, energetic archetype, Chinese astrology, emotional and social wellness, personal history, spiritual development, and hopes and aspirations. This is then combined with Classical Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis to form a treatment strategy, and acupuncture points are needled for 20 minutes.

Follow up sessions are 60 minutes and follow similar format.

What makes Transformational Acupuncture different from other holistic therapies? 

It is based firmly in ancient Taoist philosophy, but utilizes Western Medicine principles

Often gives significant results with surprisingly few treatments.

Uses very few needles – usually less than five!

Considers not only the symptoms but also emotional & social health, astrology, environmental stressors and much more.

Leads to personal growth and alignment to one’s life path.


 To book a session please contact Pakua Clinic +66(0)53 921-211

Benjamin Elan, Dip. Ac, MA