17 Years Darkroom Technology 

Darkness Experience has Opened at Tao Garden In February 2002, the Immortal Tao practices were held at Tao Garden for the first time using Darkroom technology creating a complete environment for higher level Taoist practices. A condominium has been converted into an air-conditioned dark room environment with a central meeting and meditation room. All exterior windows and doors are sealed with sound and light-proof paneling.

     The Tao Garden Darkness Retreat is enclosed and encased in a light and sound-proof sheath. The building is constructed of bricks made from the red earth of Thailand, containing all of the properties of natural rock in a cave.

NEW Tao Resort and Darkroom Technology

Coming 2020 Master Mantak Chia​ will create New Tao Resort including Darkroom Technology Complex 世界上最大的综合性技术与多功能黑关大厦 and we provide Shared Ownership for this Acommodation.

The building elevation 4 floor with two meeting rooms or darkroom and 34 accommodations. The meeting rooms are easy to convert into mini and the “cave of darkness” will create with all the conveniences of modern technology. 

HOT DEAL for first 12 room reserve from now on can should any room type in one price (Deposit 25% and pay the rest within 4 months) For more information and condition please contact email: gm@tao-garden.com