Elena Wagner

Dolphin ways, and dolphin waves.
Dolphins always live in the Alpha brainwave state, which humans have as children under five years old, and when in meditation and prayer.

Dolphinity Massage Treatment involves elements of soft yoga massage, pulsing, Sufi, Reiki and other techniques of body work, combining Oriental and Western methods.
It helps to release all tension and returns you to the condition of ‘Here and Now’. It helps to connect Body and Consciousness, and to take you deeper into your Subconscious, as well as Alpha and Theta brain waves.

Recommended for those who seek deep relaxation and recovery, to clear stress, wake up intuition and get a new experience of connection with their body.
Please wear comfortable clothes (like for sport or yoga).
For them, who want to go deeper, we offer Ajna Light session after Dolphinity Massage Treatment.

This massage method is based on the practice of MNUSHI® . It was very well received at 1st International Dolphinity Festival (Tenerife, 2015).

Dolphinity Massage Treatment (DMT)

90 min (DMT) = 2800 THB

Please book in advance at Pakua Clinic
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com