The human body can generate energy to light up an entire town. (Primo Post) If the human body is capable of producing such an intense amount of energy one must understand the strength of the frequencies that can be amplified from it.

Emotional Release through Tantric -Tao Body Work

By Mal Weeraratne

‘Every thought is a frequency, Thoughts send out magnetic energy’. (The Secret) And in the current age there are countless studies and researches to make the human mind understand that every matter is made up of energy; deep down into the atoms that hold the pebble of energy between the neutrons, electrons and protons. And that the energy and frequencies produced from us is capable of changing the environment around us. Quantum Physics goes into the extent of explaining how the etheric forms are capable of entangling atoms from two different individuals that form a ‘connection’ which more easily can be explained as a relationship in laymen’s terms. Shamans, Pagans, Indigoes and Star seeds of the spiritual world would easily refer to this atomic exchange as the Karma of the cosmic travel.
The human body has seven energy centers called as the Chakras in Sanskrit. The ancient studies of Tantra, Yoga and Taosim has time and again revealed the nature of bliss attained through reaching the Higher Consciousness and how one can maintain this state of Higher Consciousness by being connected to the universal energy around them.
Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release is the key to allow one to enter the realm of Higher Consciousness. As the technique of Tantric – Tao massage therapy employs all seven Chakras and the basic acknowledgement of the human body being an energy transmitter. The human body can be thought as a magnet that attracts, like experiences. If the body is negatively charged, it is surrounded by negative circumstances, but if the body is positively charged, it is surrounded by splendid abundance. ‘We are mass energy. Everything is energy. EVERYTHING’. (The Secret).
The seven Chakras or (energy vortices) are located at seven spots in the human spine each rotating at a given speed either clockwise or anticlockwise which differs from gender to gender. Each Chakra is denoted by a different color relevant to the wavelength on the color spectrum and has specific functions, and is aligned on a straight line starting from the top of the head to the lower spine. In the Tantric sense of nature these Chakras are perpendicularly related to the Nadis. Nadis is the lifeline described in Tantrism that can be visually and theoretically be related to the Polarity line of Earth between the North Pole through the Equator to the South Pole. The Nadis is the main energy channel that harbors all the energy in the body.
Through the inquisitive interest in learning how to harvest the bodily energy it has led to studies of these Chakras for scientific evidence in order to validate these theories. And through study it has been found the seven Chakras mentioned and repeatedly talked about in Tantra are in the vicinity of prominent hormonal glands of the human body. In order to understand how all seven Chakras work hand in hand with the identified hormonal glands, please refer the following link on Tantric Journey:
www.tantricjourney.com/CHAKRA CHART

Similar to the human respiratory system, these Chakras and the energy radiating via the Nadis through exchange of the internal and the external energies by the magnetic fields emitted from the body to the magnetic fields around the body form the Aura of an individual. The Aura is made up of a spectrum of colors depending on the intensity of the vibes exerted by the Chakras.
The GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) machine is a medical machine used to observe the gas discharged in the body. The machine is about to identify illnesses in the body through the physiological state way ahead of the physical symptoms. This machine has been employed in the science of Quantum Physics and other related natures, and it has been found that the medicinal conditions are prevalent and directly proportional to the blockages of energy flow in particular Chakras in the body. The lack of certain colors (relevant to the Chakra-l spectral range) indicated that at that particular Chakra-l range there were bodily symptoms for ailment such as dysfunctions of particular hormonal glands that caused the medical issues. Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release further validated this study by using the GDV machine (via Pakua Center at Tao Gardens) to produce following charts expressing the relation between bodily symptoms and Chakra imbalance.
Once of the 28 case Study carried out by Mal Weeraratne at Pakua Center, Tao Gardens Educational & Research Centre
Subject: Dr A at Tao Gardens
Before Treatment (8th Jan 1.20pm)


After Treatment (8th Jan 5.06pm)



As you can see from the above charts, her second chakra was blocks, and you can see the sexual 2nd chakra was outside the green frame and not aligned. After deep bodywork and sacred spot massage, she ejaculated for the first time and released lots of stagnant emotions.
After the session her second chakra moved to be more aligned
Also when you look at the table with the vibration figures of all organs, you can see yellow and orange colours representing many unhealthy vibrations representing illnesses and imbalance before the treatment and all illnesses disappeared after the treatment making all organs healthy and balance

Interest was sparked to venture into the subject of energy as the human mind was constantly seeking of ways to excel in this materialistic mundane routine that has become life in the recent. Happiness was an ebbing feeling that made the curious question how certain individuals are able to make more money of the economy and how some are able to become successful and live their dreams and how some are no longer tied to their broken-ness despite the gravity of their ordeal. The duty of the conscious mind is to make the unconscious mind conscious. To fight the ever changing shift to ‘ordinary mode’, the curious looking for answers and to free themselves of shackles of life turned to ways of Quantum Physics, Spiritualism through ancient studies in relation to historical events and the essence of religions.

Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release is practiced on the basis of Cellular Memory. There are various materials and literature on the concept of Cellular Memory and how each cell in or body hold molecules of emotions.
A book report on ‘Molecules of Emotion’ by Candace B. Pert, PhD states, ‘Peptides are short chains of amino acids. (Proteins are longer, 100 or more amino acids forms protein.) Eighty neuropeptides had been identified by the time of this book’s 1997 publication. Pert estimates that 300 or so will be discovered. Each unique peptide carries its own emotional information. If you’re feeling energized you create one peptide, such as endorphin. If you’re stressed you create another peptide, such as cortisol. Cells have receptor proteins on their cell membrane. Receptors are some of the biggest proteins in the body. Each receptor responds only to a single peptide. When the peptide connects with the receptor, the receptor can then send a signal into the cell interior with specific instructions to be carried out by the cell. Peptides are created based on our emotions. Our emotions, thus, have a direct impact on our physical state. Further significant fact. It is used to be assumed that there was a definite barrier between the mind and the body, and that the brain did the mind aspect of our existence. No longer. It turns out that these peptides function not only across synapses in the brain cells, but also on each cell of the body, and also on each immune cell of the body. The immune system had been previously thought to be completely isolated from communication with the rest of the body cells.


Further significant fact. Not only do body cells and immune cells have receptors on their surfaces, they both also PRODUCE peptides, that is, they also create the biology of emotions within the cell. A tense gut, therefore may be not only a response to a peptide produced from a gland, but may also be a product of peptides being produced right in the gut – that is, the gut is doing emotional thinking, not just reaction’.
Candace Pert’s literature and work have been used in many papers such as Knowing by Heart: Cellular Memory in Heart Transplant by Kate Ruth Linton from Montgomery College of Science and Mathematics. Also on ‘cell identity’ project by Center for Biosciences at Karolinska Institute and numerous other literatures on transplant patients experiencing, dreaming or enacting their donor’s traits. A few instances are mentioned in the following newspaper; click the following link to read more.
www.dailymail.co.uk/Shocking examples of cellular memory
Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release is to reverse the positivity of these cells in the body from negative to positive and cleanse the body to arrive at a positive state.
It is also wise to note that it has been identified that depression can be induced via genetics. The emotions harbored by the parents can be passed onto the child. When a baby is born it is at a pure state but since birth the body is subjected to various forms of situations, social conditioning, perspectives, traumas and experiences that build up the personality and life of someone. Therefore it is good to note that the body is carrying layers of deeply seated emotions. Many a times these deeply seated emotions can be harshly negative and act as silent killers hidden deep inside the conscious mind awaiting for the slightest trigger to surface and dishevel an individual’s life. Often than usual many individuals with such deeply seated emotions function at a normal average pace without the slightest sign or notion of such residing slow self-destructive negative emotions. As the mind evolves this ‘cancer’ eats away at the mental health only misaligning the individual from sheer happiness.
During Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release, with the use of my accredited massage techniques, the body is reverted to its ‘painful’ state; I expose the deeply seated emotions by bringing the body to its original form of black and blue by peeling away the layers of emotions that has been its camouflage and weapon against vulnerability. In some individuals when the layers of emotions are peeled away the clutter and viscosity are exorcised while others as mentioned above are exposed.
This arising or the resurrection of the black and blue state of the body with deeply seated negative emotions can be the most uncomfortable and emotionally painful of stages for the client. The client experiences her past negative emotions that have been tidily tucked away for functionality in the ‘normal’ world. Very often than not the client second guesses the continuation of the treatment as her mental state is reversed to the most unpleasant one almost bringing the client to ‘make believe’ that she is at the very moment of trauma.
In order to combat this difficult stage of Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release, I have employed the Breathing technique that will be coached to the client prior to the treatment. ‘Breath is the life-force energy or Prana’- (The Fractal Enlightenment).
As explained above how the exchange of energy is similar to a human respiratory system, it is quite important that the deeply seated negative emotions are to be put out of the body. Therefore the client is told to breathe in and breathe out every time a negative thought arises in her mind. Breathing calms the mind and produces Alpha Waves.

“If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.” — Andrew Weil

I would recommend conscious breathing during the treatment. This is one technique I use to disperse the negative energy in the body apart from sound and movement. The latter two; sound and movement also disperse negative energy as both function through waves.
This technique by me can be further validated by the content given by Fractal Enlightenment, ‘Unconscious breathing is an ailment caused due to the modern day lifestyle’. ‘Our heart beats because of the breaths we take and due to this natural bodily function, energy is disseminated to each and every part of our body. Unconscious and disordered breathing can lead to heart and respiratory diseases, muscle cramps, numbness, reduced cognition, panic attacks, superficial blood flow which in turn can lead to host of diseases. Therefore, it’s crucial and advisable to practice conscious breathing’.
‘The conscious act of breathing involves inhaling oxygen deeply, holding your breath for 3-4 seconds and then exhaling slowly, till you can’t feel any sensation near your nose. Following this simple technique brings a great amount of positive changes to your body, mind and soul’.
‘A combined research published in 2013 demonstrated that slow breathing increases waves in the brain calming the mid-range waves which helps in inducing alert yet relaxed state of mind. It leads to burst of energy as million cells get rejuvenated which were starving due to unconscious breathing. Conscious breathing also helps in reducing stress levels, blood pressure, muscular tension, and much more’.
Long after the treatment the reversed cells that harbor the deeply seated negative emotions will be in a negative state and through gradual breathing and ‘letting go’ these negative emotions will leave the body allowing the body to be positively charged. The ‘letting go’ phase is also a difficult period as the stagnant emotions are being released after difficult confrontation with oneself. The client is often felt dismissive and depressed during the ‘release’. And in many cases the harshness of the ‘release’ is directed towards the practitioner as point of blame. And often I receive a lot of negativity from my clients but all in all that’s the nature of my work. At this suffocating stage I help the client rebel the harshness by initially giving space for her to live their thoughts, feelings and negatively charged state and then I get in touch to guide her to enter a refreshed phase. Also during this post treatment phase the Breathing technique can be employed to reduce oneself the production of Cortisol and stress.
Of all the 3000 + women I have treated globally, many have voiced stages of anger, regret and remorse soon after the treatment, but as the days wear on the client is filled with abundance of gratitude as they feel they have finally found a method to rid themselves of the most taunting and haunting pain that silently lurked inside them that could not be expressed nor eliminated by themselves or reach out to others to relate to; as each of our own DNA make up is far different to others in the journey of life.
Post treatment and after the ‘cleanse ‘of the body one is at beautiful sense of liberation feeling able to reconstruct one’s life and reprogram thoughts and feelings. The client is given a new opportunity to construct new building blocks of life as the old traumatic emotions have been released. The conscious mind is cleared of self-loathing and self-hatred clutter that one harbors from being unable to forgive oneself. I teach to let go and forgive oneself to understand that the body is a precious temple and it was not one’s weakness that one subjected herself to a traumatic experience. And it is only her profound strength that made her seek her cure.
The human body is similar to a magnet that needs to be recharged positively and cleansed. Some clients’ repeat-visit Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release to rejuvenate their body cells. Some revisit until they feel all past trauma has been wringed out of the body.
In order to maintain a state of bliss, another technique employed by Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release prior to the initiation of the physical treatment can be used –which is mediation. Meditation centres the clients mind as conscious breathing allows one to relax and recollect oneself. As Owen Feltham says, ‘Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.’
One form of meditation that can be concentrated on and goes hand in hand with Tantric Journey Deep Body Work for Emotional Release is Charkra cleanse. As my massage techniques concentrates on all seven Chakra-l points in the body.
Also taking into account how our physical world is manifested through our internal vibration it is wise to note Barbara Marciniak’s insight, ‘Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.’
‘Each day as you release resistant thoughts – through the power of guided meditation – your Vibrational frequency will rise and new Vibrational patterns will develop until, in a short period of time, your natural Vibrational inclination will be inside your Vortex. And then, you will be living life as you intended to live it’. – Esther and Jerry Hicks.
‘The Universe is energy, so it can only receive requests in the language of energy’. – Annemarie Postma writes in her book The Deeper Secret published in 2008. Annemarie Postma is the first ever handi-capable model who is confined to her wheel chair also who has written books on self-esteem and lead many other similar campaigns.
Quoting another author, Louise L. Hay, who is of the same caliber as most of my clients, ‘It seems to me that everyone on this planet whom I know or have worked with is suffering from self-hatred or guilt to one degree or another. The more self-hatred we have, the less our lives work. The less elf hatred and guilt we have, the better our lives work, on all levels’. Louise L. Hay came from a broken home, who was sexually abused as a child and then gave her baby for adoption at 16 when she got herself pregnant. Her mother was not the ideal role model succumbing to second standards of patriarchy. Despite a life filled with such colossal damage she was able to reverse the negative influences obtained through entering a higher realm as she goes onto say,’ If your mother did not know to love herself, or your father did not know to love himself, then it would be impossible for them to teach you to love yourself. They were doing the best they could with what they had been taught as children’.
Hence gravity of my work can be understood by comprehending how it relates to the attaining Higher Consciousness through happiness and bliss.
Expose yourself to the deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free” – Jim Morrision.
Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed” – Martin King Luther Jr.

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