Energy Healing for Soul, Heart, Mind and Body with Christa


For Emotional Balance Any Sickness or Pain Healing on the Soul-Level Spine- and Back Straightening clearing Radiation clearing Heavy Metal

Spinal column and body straightening

  • with hip correction
  • leg length adjustment
  • straightening of the spinal column
  • straightening of the shoulder blades


It will help if you have any back – hip – or knee pain

Most blockages which stop the free flow of life energy are on the spine. These blockages are the source of negative energy, which may spread to the body’s organs and cause serious diseases. Any form of mental and physical disorder can be solved using the light energy, all problems of the spine and musculoskeletal system such as:


* misalignment of hips     * Unequal legs     * Different levels of shoulders

* Axial rotations     * Hollow back


Divine Straightening is a onetime process. For severe pain or severe disease post-treatment is recommended.


Radiation and heavy metal lifting

– In all treatments, the body is freed of radiation and heavy metal exposure.

– Following Healing sessions are recommended – very important! – After the back    


Christa studies with Master Chia since 1988 and she is also a Healing Tao Teacher.

Please book at Pakua Clinic. Contact +66(0) 5392 1211

Session 60 mins. 6,000 THB   Please book at Pakua, call 053921211