New Lifestyle Course: Inner Alchemy Chi Kung and meditation

New Lifestyle Course: Inner Alchemy Chi Kung and meditation
Event Time
Sunday, May 26 - Saturday, June 1
All Day

Type of Event:

New Lifestyle Course with UHT Basic Practice by Walter Kellenberger Senior Teacher UHT at Tao Garden

May 26, 2019 – June 1, 2019

Taking Care  of Your Health is much more Fun Then Taking Care of Your Sickness

This new lifestyles Course is offered for the first time at Tao Garden,  taught by Senior Teacher and Health Management Adviser Walter Kellenberger.

The combination of learning and practicing of long time proofed Taoist Qi Gong exercise combined with a modern, effective and unique Detox Program at Tao Garden Pakua Clinic will change your perspective: “TAKE Care at Tao Garden of your Health now, otherwise the Illness will take over’’.

This is a one week course from November 5th to November 11th 2017. In the morning Walter is teaching and practicing with you  Qi Gong Exercises . You get explanation in details why and how to do it, so  you can continue at home. In the afternoon you are undergoing a guided Tao Garden Detox program, either for loosing weight, or cleaning your body to improve your immune system and Happy Life feeling.

Experience how much fun it is to care of your body, share that joy in a group, and go home lighter and inspired.

Tuition fee 15,100 THB $444 USD not include accommodation
Retreat registration please email to

Every day private session Baht 3,000.-
Tai Chi • Chi Kung • Meditation (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Fusion etc.)
Participant please contact:


Sunday May 26th
19.30 pm : Introduction

Monday – Friday 

07:00 to 08:00 Qi Kung in the morning
08:00 to 9:30 Breakfast
09:30 to 12:30 Workshop
12:30 to 14:00 Lunch
14:00 to 18:00 time for individual Detox Program
18:00 to 20:00 Dinner
20:00 to 21:00 Evening Session

Saturday June 01st
07.30 am – 13.00 pm End of Class


Walter Kellenberger, Senior teacher from the Universal Healing Tao System is sharing over 20 Years at Tao Garden his knowledge in private classes and during May and November weekly courses.

Specialize in the Universal Tao Basic Practices:
* Inner Smile Mediation
* Six Healing Sound Meditation
* Microcosmic Orbit
* Taoist secrets of Love (Male)
* Tao Yin (Yoga)
* Iron Shirt Chi Kung (I,II and III)
* Tan Tien Chi Kung
* Elixir Chi Kung
* Buddha Palm

* Tai Chi I (Moving Mediation, Yang Form)
* Tai Chi II ( Discharge Form, Yang Style)
* Tai Chi III (Tendon Form, Wu Style)

Room Rate in Thai Baht per person per night. Check out is before noon. Check in after 2 PM.

Room Rate per night
April 1 – October, 2019
Promotion: April 1 – June 30, 2019
Stay 3 Nights 20% discount
Stay 7 Nights
25% discount
Natural Simple Room Shared
THB 3,000
THB 2,400
THB 2,250
THB 4,000
THB 3,200
THB 3,000
Natural Standard Room Shared
THB 3,200
THB 2,560
THB 2,400
THB 4,300
THB 3,440
THB 3,225
Natural Superior Room Shared
THB 3,400
THB 2,720
THB 2,550
THB 4,600
THB 3,680
THB 3,450
Natural Deluxe Room Shared
THB 4,100
THB 3,280
THB 3,075
THB 5,600
THB 4,480
THB 4,200
Retreat participants are requested to make a minimum deposit of THB 10,000 per person upon booking accommodations.

Rate in Thai Baht / person / night. All rates are subject to change without notice.**

Retreat rate include:
• Three healthy buffet style meals prepared by an experienced chef following the Tao Five Element Diet
• Morning Internal Chi Kung Exercise **
• Evening Tao Yin Practice (Chinese Yoga) and Six Healing Sounds Meditation **
• Complimentary air conditioning provided in Superior, Deluxe rooms
• Internet access
• Salt-water Swimming pool, steam room, sauna, fitness center, ping-pong, jogging path
• Rates include all applicable taxes and service charges*
Not valid with other offers, subject to change without notice.


• Tuition fee
• The transportation, find our
Limousine Service by click here.
• For Simple Room and Standard Room, there is an additional charge of THB 200 /day for air conditioning.

Guarantee Policy:
Reservation must be guaranteed with one of these cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express

For non-resident guest must be pay for entrance fee 1,420 THB / day / person

Benefit:Morning Chi Kung Exercise, Evening Tao Yin & Healing Sounds, Internet Access, Salt Water Swimming Pool (Extra Towels 40 THB each), Herbal Sauna Steam, Fitness Center, Ping Pong, Jogging Path

* Rates subject to change without notice.
** Available from Monday – Saturday