Sept 2018 Emotional Detox through Tantric-Tao Bodywork’ Retreat

Sept 2018 Emotional Detox through Tantric-Tao Bodywork’ Retreat
Event Time
Friday, September 14 - Sunday, September 23
9:00 am - 10:00 pm

Type of Event:

Emotional Detox through Tantric-Tao Bodywork’ Retreat Sept 2018

Friday, September 14th – Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

Event Time:
Friday, September 14th – Sunday, September 23rd, 2018
9am – 6pm & 8 – 10pm
Area: Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand

In this training course, you will:

Explore Tantric – Tao bodywork for emotional well-being. Ideal for couples and individuals (over 18 years), the week-long training also includes trance dance, mantras, breath work and tantric rituals to connect and to help unblock stuck emotions, enhance relationships, in the beautiful, relaxing environment of Tao Gardens. No previous experience of bodywork is required.

This course is for spiritual growth and self-development and also for practitioners who wishes to learn how to help release both physical and emotional toxins from the body.

What will I learn?

    • Course begins with clothes on Bodywork
    • Yoga, Trance Dance, Mantras (sounds) and Breath work
    • Tantric Rituals to connect, to open the hearts and to establish Trust
    • Deep Healing Tantric – Tao Bodywork incorporating following modalities:
      • Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Massage)
      • Life Pulse Massage (Activating the pulse of Life in the body)
      • KarsaiNei Tsang (Genital Organ Detox)
      • Prostate (Sacred spot) Massage for both Men and Women
      • Theory behind Emotions, trauma and body armouring
    • How to de-armour by releasing emotions with Bodywork, breath, sounds and body movement
    • Theory behind opening 7 Chakras and Activating Endocrine system
    • Anatomy of Male and Female sexual organs
    • Yoni (Female Prostate) massage & Male Prostate massage
    • Function of Amrita (Female Ejaculations) and its benefits
    • Male Ejaculatory control and its benefits
    • Multi orgasmic response (MORE)
    • Introduction into:
      • Working within the Law
      • Health and safety and hygiene
      • Client consultation
      • Trauma Transference
      • Empathy
      • Client care
      • Self-care

Features of the Training

      • Understanding the Theory, Philosophy and Psychology behind Tantric Journey
      • Learn to accept new knowledge by receiving a series of treatments and experiencing the process to unblock and open up your own energy channels
      • Learn to implement new skills by performing a series of treatments and learning to overcome challenges
      • Learn about health & safety and hygiene, working within the law, client care and self-care, products to use, how to deal with trauma transference and client consultation
      • Learn Tantric and Tao body treatment techniques to help release body armouring in the whole body, including sexual organs.


We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and heal others, just like birds know how to build their nest. What’s stopping us, is our own limitations as a result of past trauma, negative emotions and thoughts, strict upbringing, religious and cultural belief systems.

Once we learn how to remove these negativity, we can activate our own self-healing mechanism to be awaken and be open to heal.

Most illnesses, stresses and dysfunctions stem from high level of toxicity making an acidic environment in the body. Toxins are made from both physical and emotional toxins. Physical toxins accumulate due to what we eat, drink, breath and life style. Emotional toxins are made of past trauma and negative stagnant emotions in the body cellular memory.

You can start from wherever you are and go on the Tantric Journey as far as you feel comfortable, to enhance your own love, intimacy and sexuality, to find a new relationship or to enhance your existing relationship, to live in abundance and be creative, be healthy, happy and joyful.

You will gain knowledge, skills and practice under supervision in a safe, sacred, tranquil healing environment at Tao Gardens. Successful participants who wishes to pursue as a career, will be certified and listed in Tantric Journey Website, where you could get paid clients.

You don’t have to wait till you get ill, dysfunctional or with a broken relationship. Start learning now as prevention is better than cure.

Life is too short to live any other way…

Do I get a certificate?

Yes. After completion of the course you will be presented with an attendance Certificate, stating what you have learnt as follows:

Module 1 – 2 Certified Tantric Journey Educator (CTJE) training

Once you attend practice / case study week in London and successfully submit 20 case studies and attend a practical examination you will be certified as a Tantric Journey Educator (CTJE), and will be listed in Tantric Journey , where you could get paid clients and gain more experience and grow spiritually with an opportunity to study further with Mal to embark on Module 3 to learn Love, Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality.

Do I get Insurance?Yes. Once you are qualified you can apply for insurance from hereBGI.UK copy







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Why I go to Tao Gardens to host this Retreat / Training?

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Course fee: £815.00 per person (THB 35,000) (Does not include accommodation)

Sessions with Mal at Tao Gardens: £320 per 3 hours (THB 14,200)
Sessions with Kate at Tao Gardens: £200 per 3 hours (THB 8,000)
Sessions with Julia at Tao Gardens: £200 per 3 hours (THB 8,000)

Course leader Mal Weeraratne is a certmal_cut_image_full-2-2ified Tantra Educator and founder of Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening in the UK. Mal is a British pioneer of Emotional release through bodywork, with over 20 years of experience, treating over 3000 clients from all walks of life from the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. He works and teach in London and comes to Tao Gardens every July and December to offer Healing and share knowledge. Mal was born in Sri-Lanka, with an Eastern upbringing and a Buddhist Philosophy. He was educated in London and holds a BSc (Hon) degree in Bio Physical Science, DMS, MBA, CTE.

Mal will teach the features and benefits of Tantric Journey, which is a combined teaching of Tantra Master Charles Muir, Taoist Qigong Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Osho, Margot Anand, Brandon Bay, Dr Jack Painter and Ipsalu Tantra

Mal’s assistant Kate Mal’s assistant Julia 

Tao Garden accommodation and food:

Room Rate in Thai Baht per person per night. Check out is before noon. Check in after 2 PM.

Rooms Type
9 nights in Thai Baht
Approx. in US Dollar
Approx. in EURO
Natural Simple Room Shared
THB 27,000
$900 USD
THB 36,000
$1,200 USD
Natural Standard Room Shared
THB 28,800
$960 USD
THB 38,700
$1,290 USD
Natural Superior Room Shared
THB 30,600
$1,020 USD
THB 41,400
$1,380 USD
Natural Deluxe Room Shared
THB 36,900
$1,230 USD
THB 50,400
$1,680 USD
Retreat participants are requested to make a minimum deposit of $275 USD per person upon booking accommodations.

Rate in Thai Baht / person / night. All rates are subject to change without notice.**

Stay at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort get a Complimentary of Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Therapy 50 minutes and No Entrance Fee Charge

Room include:

  • Three healthy buffet style meals prepared by an experienced chef following the Tao Five Element Diet
  • Morning Internal Chi Kung Exercise **
  • Evening Tao Yin Practice (Chinese Yoga) and Six Healing Sounds Meditation **
  • Complimentary air conditioning provided in Superior, Deluxe rooms
  • Internet access
  • Salt-water Swimming pool, herbal sauna steam room, fitness center, tennis, badminton, and basketball courts, ping-pong, jogging path, and home entertainment center
  • Rates include all applicable taxes and service charges


• The transportation, find our Limousine Service by click here.
• For Simple Room and Standard Room, there is an additional charge of THB 200 /day for air conditioning.

Cancellation Policy:

– Reservation may not be cancelled. Full payment will be forfeited

– Tuition fee is non refundable.

Deposit Policy: 

A deposit of $570 USD will be charged to your credit card, Paypal or Bank transfer at the time of reservation.

Guarantee Policy:

Reservation must be guaranteed with one of these cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Accommodation Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellation made at least one week before a scheduled date will incur a charge of 1 night’s stay.

* Rates subject to change without notice.
** Available from Monday – Saturday