Full Diagnostic Program

Full diagnostic program at Tao Garden Health Spa

  • Time (Minutes): 30
  • Price (Baht): 950

Physical fitness test is a program to check fitness level of our body systems including, cardio-respiratory system, muscle strength and power, body composition, flexibility and specialized tests for those who have specific problems. It is very important for everyone especially who have health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders or in special person such as elderly, obese, disabled, etc. After the test, you could know your fitness level, what is your strengths and weaknesses for our personal trainer to help solve your problems and design the appropriate exercise program for you.

Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion (PACE)

Progressively accelerating cardiopulmonary exertion at Tao Garden

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

PACE means Progressively Accelerating Cardiopulmonary Exertion and can help you to improve your fitness level quickly ,to lose weight, to increase your muscle strength/ power, and to improve your cardio-respiratory system.

Weight Training

Weight Training at Tao Garden the Best health spa in thailand

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

Weight training is effective for improving muscle strength and endurance.

Stretching Exercise

Stretching exercises provided by Healing Tao Garden

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

Stretching is good for improving the flexibility and for preventing the risk of muscles, tendons and ligaments injuries.

Water Exercise

Water exercises in Tao Garden pools

  • Time (Minutes): 45
  • Price (Baht): 950

Water exercises can improve cardiorespiratory system, muscle strength, balance, flexibility, bone growth. It is a safe way to work with people that are overweight, old people and with those that have joint problems.

3 Cycle Training Program

3 cycle training program by mantak chia

  • Time (Minutes): 60
  • Price (Baht): 1250

It includes an integral warm-up session followed by weight training that focuses on the large muscles groups and interval training to stimulate fat burning. Our personal trainer will guide you in all the three sessions, while monitoring your heart rate to adjust exercise intensity.

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