Luna Mandalacorn Spiritual Healing Treatment

Exclusive healing therapy. Will use the power of soft sound waves on the human organs. This is the path to delicate and careful healing. To do this, Luna will be use the shamanic musical instrument – the Moondrum. Also during the treatment, the emotional negative that has accumulated inside you will be cleared. Blocks in your microcosmic orbit will be removed. For this, Luna will use the shaman Sundrum and sunshine energy. Together with the sound waves, copyright mandalas are actively used. The energy flow emanating from mandalas on canvases is universal and will suit everyone. If you like the pictures, you can buy them at the Tao Garden store with the personal signature of the author.

In addition, you will be filled with the power of sacred cosmic spirits. Luna have secret sigil for each chakra on the wood and work with every chakra step by step. This will make your energy centers more powerful. You will experience the power of life.

Session time – 60 mins.

About Luna Oracle…

  • Healer and Shaman. Abilities were inherited from parents. Active practice more 15 years.
  • Co-author of more than 400 healing mandalas. You can see art on time personal Luna practice, inside Tao Garden Bookstore and Pakua Clinic.
  • Often Luna practice chanting for speaking with spirits and praying time.
  • Regular practice in holy places of power. Pilgrimages were made: Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor, Angkor etc.
  • Tarot Master and Oracle.
  • Keeps purity of body and soul. Sanctifies newborn children, blesses the union of a man and a woman.

And much more…

Please contact at Pakua Clinic +66(0) 5392 1211