Welcome to Pakua Natural Healing Clinic located at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is excellence experience over 16 years in Healing Holistic & Alternative Medicine and the best Destination Spa in Thailand, organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand.



We offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and good energy with a full range of healing treatments, the focus of our program is on detoxification, healing, balancing and rejuvenating your mind and body.

Our staff of expert health professionals includes Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Traditional Chinese Doctor, Nurse, Medical Technologist, Physical Therapist and Medical Consultant. Also during the season we will have Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Visiting Practitioner around the planet to offer you a retreat with their knowledge at the place of healing harmony here at Tao Garden.

On arrival you are offered a complimentary Health and Wellness consultation including Physical examination and consultation 15 minutes.  This is designed around your goals and objectives, your current state of health and ability to achieve those goals. Your advisor will help you achieve the most out of your stay by devising a personal program of treatments and services.


Pakua Healing Service Excellences

  • Health Care Specialist & Medical Doctor Consultation
  • Holistic Physical & Emotional Analysis
  • Pakua Healing Clinic Signature Therapy
  • Tao Healing Spa Signature Therapy
  • Movement of Life Services (Physical Therapy)

Health Care Specialist & Medical Doctor Consultation

Our Medical staffs are full board at Pakua Natural Healing Clinic which is: Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Traditional Chinese Doctor, Nurse, Medical Technologist, Physical Therapist and Medical Consultant that you can get a private session of doctor consultant.

Also during the season we will have Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Visiting Practitioner that they are come from around the planet to the place of healing harmony here at Tao Garden health Spa & Resort.

Pakua Healing Clinic Signature Therapy

  • Blood Cleansing (Blood Ozone)
  • Heavy Metal Detox (Chelation Therapy)
  • Liver Flush ( Liver/Gall Bladder Detox)
  • Qi gateway Cleansing (Nose Cleansing)
  • Colonics (Hydro-Therapy)
  • Parasites Zapper (F-Scan)
  • Nutrition Detoxification Smart Set.
  • Natural Herb & Traditional Chinese Medicine Session
  • Taoist Internal Organs Smile & Meditation Session

Holistic Physical and Emotional Analysis

  • Physical Analysis & Medical Specialist Consultation
  • Taoist Live Blood Analysis (Dark field)
  • Sugar and Fats Screening (GCT )
  • Urine- Saliva & Physical Testing (Bio-terrain)
  • Blood Vessel State and Mental Stress Analysis (Max Pulse Wave Analysis)
  • Bio-life Electrographic Evaluation ( Aura Evaluation)
  • Breath Analysis ( Capno Trainer)
  • Special Organ frequencies & Yin-Yang wave Analysis (Oberon Scan)

Tao Healing Spa Signature Therapy

  • Taoist Chi Nei Tsung Abdominal Detox Therapy
  • Taoist Genital Organ Detox Therapy
  • Taoist Qi Improvement ( Life force massage)
  • Taoist Five Elements Massage
  • Taoist Ayurvedic Massage

Movement of Life Services (Physical Therapy)

As a part of Pakua Natural Healing Clinic the Physical Therapy sessions is important and make us different from other spa in the world before you get a spa service you will check up by the Physical Therapist, and then pass to our Professional & Well-Trained Spa Therapist.

What is the Physical Therapist will provide for you during your stay.

Physical Therapy for Pain Relieve:

  • Depending upon your diagnosis or severity of your condition
  • Manipulation & Manual technique therapy
  • Muscle stretching : to relief tightness and  increase range of motion
  • Ultrasound Therapy: Utilizes sound wave that transmitted to the surrounding deep ligaments, tendons and muscles.  This promotes tissue relaxation and warming-effect on the treated area.
  • Hot Pack or Cold Pack
  • Home program for Self Stretching & Exercise


Complete Back pain and joint care technique (Dorn Method)

The gentle manual non manipulative therapy which focuses on helping joints slip back into natural position, combined with an intensive diagnosis it works on the whole body and provides correction to the legs length, pelvic level, alignment of the spine and shoulder level. It is followed by teaching a self-help exercise to promote good posture.

Open the door of Life (Lumbar Traction)

Uses a lumbar traction machine to create a stretch force under the guidance of a physiotherapist to access the problem and mobilize the spine to alleviate back pain

Weight Loss Aqua exercise

The Aquatic workout is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones, joints and muscles.  It is a safe way to work-out for people who are overweight, have joint problem and be done if you don’t know how to swim. The water offers natural resistance, which help strengthen your muscle, improve cardio respiratory system, flexibility, balance and weight loss.

Interval  Burning  exercise (PACE)

A very effective exercise to improve your fitness level quickly, to lose weight, to increase your muscle strength/ power, muscle size and endurance in the short time.

Tri-Cycle Training Program

Our personal trainer will guide you in all the 3 sessions (Warm up session – weight training that focuses on large muscle groups and interval training to stimulate fat burning), while monitoring your heart rate to adjust exercise intensity. An effective method to achieve fitness goals safety and quickly.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We recommend that you book a consultation with our experts before you arrive.
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com Tel: +66 (0)53 921211-14 Fax: +66 (0)53 921215

Health Consultation are available every day.
Chinese Doctor Consultation and treatment available every day from 5 -7 pm.
The medical doctors of our clinic can certify your treatment for your health insurance if you wish.
Pakua Clinic is officially recognized and registered by Ministry of Health, Thailand. Reg. No. 50 1 01 0004 48 with licensed medical doctors and nurses.