Sapphire’s/ Khun Jai Boon’s

Sapphire brings to Tao Garden years of experience in writing for holistic social media, film, radio and t.v productions, along with soul deep understanding of holistic healing properties of vegetarian, macrobiotic and optimal raw vegan nutrition. Sapphire spends her ‘free’ time serving as an internationally well respected energy worker, crystal healer, and channeller. For Sapphire experimenting and developing raw food creations in Tao Garden is another sophisticated and innovative method of channelling positive, healing cosmic energies and restoring energetic balance between body and soul. Before joining the Tao Garden’s team, Sapphire has travelled the world, to over 101 countries serving those in need for spiritual and physical nourishment, writing and experimenting with raw food creations using local indigenous produce that can help improve quality of life and expand consciousness. Sapphire is the author of the Rainbow of Love Book and Oracle Cards (June 2016), which bring a testimony of spiritual messages and guidance channelled by her and which have blessed sentinel beings in over 44 countries. Sapphire’s raw vegan food creations, which are both nutritionally balanced and delicious, are now available in the Raw Chi Bakery of Tao Garden. Raw vegan food when prepared with love and with understanding of how to combine different plant based ingredients has an extremely positive impact on the balance and flow of bodily energies, widens the horizons of one’s consciousness and contributes to optimal health and youthfulness. Whether you are new to raw vegan food and on the lookout to increase your chi vibrations through the enchantment of raw vegetarian/ vegan delights, or you are seeking means to heighten the impact of Tao Garden’s healing sessions with personalized detoxing nutrition, then Raw Chi Bakery and Raw Vegetarian Chi Kitchen is the place for you and welcomes you to experience its heavenly-healthy delights.
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