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Steps away from the Welcome Center is the Tao Garden Store where you are invited to browse for a souvenir, find the perfect postcard, preview one of Master Chia’s DVD’s before purchasing, or simply relax for an hour with a good book. The lending library has a good selection of books you can borrow for a few days. You may also rent an iPod here.

Inside you will find a wide array of items to purchase from training materials, a Tibetan singing bowl, herbal teas/products, to all books, DVD and Audio CD’s by Master Chia and co-authors. You may purchase a Tao Garden tote bag, lovely bedcovers/scarves, jewelry, carved wooden bowls and many other items. You may even buy a T-shirt to match the Six Healing Sounds! Or you may wish to buy a Universal Tao, or art, poster. The Tao Garden store is open daily from 9-6. Please come and visit us! It’s a relaxing and very pleasant experience. You’re sure to find the perfect item for yourself, or for a friend.


Emergence of the Sensual Woman
Already in 2nd printing!
US$ 25
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Planettones temple Cup Bell (cup gongs)
You can test planetary tones by click here

Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila
A splash of humor, a dash of sarcasm, and a few short stories make Why Real Women Drink Straight Tequila – the Tao of Intimacy your handbook for dating in the new millennium.
US$ 14.95


Inner Traditions

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Multi-orgasmic man
Multi-orgasmic couple