July 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014

Life Force Massage + Thai Herbal Compress (110 min): 3000 THB 2399 THB
Foot Reflexology + Thai Herbal Oxygen & Ozone Therapy (110 min) 2080 THB 1699 THB

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort & Integrative Pakua Health Clinic is an internationally renowned healing center located in the peaceful and lush mountainous region of Northern Thailand just 30 minutes from Chiang Mai. Guests may enjoy a variety of communal natural accommodations, organic cuisine, fitness, salt swimming pool, Chinese and Western medical treatments and unique massage therapies. Fresh mountain air, and serene surroundings are wonderfully suited for relaxation, healing and rejuvenation at beautiful Tao Garden.

The Life Force Massage is effective for releasing tensions in the chest and respiratory muscles to improve breathing and vital energy.

After a full body pressure-pint massage, a hot Thai herbal compression is along the energy lines to soothe muscles and stimulate the blood flow. Foot Reflexology – this massage stimulates the cupressure points of the foot and helps to “energize” the body organs.

Thai Herbal Oxygen & Ozone Therapy helps to detoxify the body through heat, help to improve circulation and skin detoxification.

Please contact Pakua Clinic (0) 53 921211
Email: pakua@tao-garden.com