Supreme Emotional Detox Promotion



Supreme Emotional Detox Promotion! 1 Nov – 31 Dec 2015

Only 13,160 Bath / Package

Get 10 – 20 % discount

Free Vessel State  and Mental Stress Analysis

Inner Smile and Six-healing Sounds

Training and Health Consultation by our medical

 love people

6 healing sounds

6 healing sounds

Why Supreme Emotional Detox?

Special Emotional detoxification Package to clears the body & mind, remove toxins accumulated from the environment and substances we ingest.  Food preservatives, inorganic and organic environmental molecules Emotional Stress Chemical Toxins that can be deposited in tissues and disrupt normal functioning. Detoxifying the body & mind purifies the organs to ensure their efficient functioning and prevent development of diseases with Taoist Integrative Medicine Concept.



Promotion Package details

  • 10 % discount Live Blood Analysis x 1
  • 20% discount Oberon Body Scan x1
  • Get Free MPA x 1
  • Get Free Physical Check Up
  • Inner Smile and  Six healing Sound Training
  • Colon Hydrotherapy x1
  • CNT Healing Harmony  x  1
  • Life Force x 1
  • Kasai Nei Tsang x 1
  • Get Free General Health Consultation by Health Consultant/Medical Staff

For more information, please contact our Medical Consultant

At Pakua Polyclinic +6653 921200, ext. 5700 from 09.00 – 18.00 hrs.