Basic Practices – Inner Alchemy Astrology Course

Master Chia has added Inner Alchemy Astrology to the basic instructor training curriculum, and you can take advantage of the Winter Retreat to study this at Tao Garden. There will be a couple of free intro lectures open to instructors and TG guests and weekend training for which you can enroll.

With possibility of instructor attendees from 12th/13th workshop repeating at reduced price for the 19th/20th workshop. 

is your Fire Yin or Yang?

Yin and yang are opposites and different, one is not better than the other, they are just at different ends of the scale, like big and small. All 5 elements are associated with both positive and negative emotions. Fire energy emotions are: love, joy, gratitude but also cruelty, hate and impatience.

And fire (like the other elements) acts differently in your life if it is your own ‘Self’ element, or your expression, or your resource etc.


Who am I? Do you recognize this hyper-manager type? His yin earth day master shows this, plus probable strengths in real estate.

But not actually much achievement? Wealth is water which is zero in this chart. This indicates that although he might look very rich, he hasn’t got a stable relationship with wealth; suggests bankruptcies or vagaries about his actual worth. For a man this is also his wife element, so instable in this field – could be promiscuous and marry several times.


But very strong Fire resource. This means a lot of people and means behind him. But as this is strong Fire it dominates him and fills him full of hot air – could be a tendency to send self-important opinionated and often angry Tweets early in the morning, before he has time to reflect.


His weak wood power makes self-discipline difficult. His day master is so strong and well fed by his Fire, that wood cannot keep him in check – he will do what he wants to do rather than what society expects.

Yang Wood

This is a big person – we add the resource to his self-element making 80% – this is one strong dude, but who doesn’t fire on all pistons available in our wonderful palette of 5 – Element Energies .

And he hasn’t got much metal, which is his expression, or work phase meaning he isn’t going to do 12 hour-days. It is also our analysis and decision making element, however he is in a metal luck cycle at the moment and so he is making more decisions than usual.

Who is this man?                                          

We will be doing an introductory talk to explain this chart and others. Come along and see how the 5 elements of our birth chart and the changing luck cycles can explain our emotions, organ health, relationships, events, successes and issues. And more importantly how Inner Alchemy practices can help you balance your emotions through changing these elements within yourself. Learn to be your own master at the Tao Garden retreat and understand how you are doing it with Inner Alchemy Astrology. And who are these people? 5 element energy charts vary so much, like all of us people on the planet do.

You can study the complete cycle of Inner Alchemy Astrology for Instructors in 2019 at the Berlin centre in 3 weekends: 1st/2nd/3rd March, 28th/29th/30th June & 27th/28th/29th September 2019. This class at Tao Garden is the equivalent to weekend 1, so you can continue the cycle in Berlin with weekends 2 & 3 and complete 20 case-studies to have a UHT certificate as a Life Energy Consultant.

All participants will receive their own Inner Alchemy Astrology chart, but you can also look at a simplified version at

***Astrology Consultation by Christine Harkness at Pakua Clinic.

$75 per day
$150 for 2 days