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‘Testimonials for treating with Chi Nei Tsang’ January 2016

How Chin Nei Tsang can be a real pain killer:

Last year in February 2015, as Anne-Marie just sat for the practical part of the exam to be a Chi Nei Tsang therapist, she gave me the opportunity to have a session with her. At this time, I had undergone a heavy lower spine surgery with pain remaining. I was already very satisfied with the healing efficiency of the Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang massages techniques which I could experience with various great therapists from Tao Garden. Therefore, I had no expectation in Anne-Marie’s treatment on me but I must admit that she surprised me a lot from the beginning till the end. Her heart connection associated to her very precise technique amazed me. She could release so many tensions and pains that I had been used to, her massage made me feel a lot better than any other I had received before, even from my favourites Tao Garden Thai therapists!

Recently in January 2016, as some orthopaedic equipment had to be removed from my spine I underwent surgery again. Anne-Marie offered me to try her latest therapy composition : a mix of Chi Nei Tsang, Karsai and Tok Sen. As I had a very good souvenir of last year’s treatment, I was ready to get a great healing experience, expecting at least the same quality. Again, Anne-Marie’s session was a surprise! The technique she performed on me was amazing, way behind any expectation!

After centring herself, she did an energetic body check-up and alignment on me before starting working on me. Then she began with an amazing Chin Nei Tsang ( Organ breathing massage) requiring my active implication in a kind of conscious breathing, soliciting different diaphragms from the pelvic to the upper chest. The result was a deep massage on my organs. Lots of tensions could be released, the Karsai could be started with more ease and less pain. Then she could start using Tok Sen which was absolutely fabulous and non-painful even on my genital parts.

From my personal experience, I must admit that all these techniques taught by Grand Master Chia, would not have been so efficient if done only mechanically… Anne-Marie’s great heart connection faculties has been highly responsible for that wonderful treatment I received. I am very grateful to her and happy to share this unforgettable experience.

Patrick – Patient at Pakua clinic and student at UHT


Last year while attending Mantak Chia’s UHT Instructor program, I was offered an incredible opportunity to expand my Chi 4 Children workshop and help develop a spiritual education program for the guest children who come to Tao Garden this upcoming season. I couldn’t be more honored and thrilled.  I returned to my home in California to completely restructure my life to be able to leave and fulfill this dream. I downsized and sold many of my possessions, keeping my eye on achieving this goal.

And then I got the horrid news the first of June. Diagnosed with invasive breast cancer stage 2A.
One of my very first thoughts was great despair over losing my dream opportunity at Tao Garden. I saw it slipping from my hands and felt cursed.

In spite of 41 years of a being a holistic healer with a strict organic vegetarian diet, doing all the things you’re supposed to do to stay healthy – being happy and loving, doing my qi gong and Taoist practices, getting enough sleep, etc. – the cancer deftly took me. I felt so betrayed and futile.

But in spite of all one’s good efforts, sometimes genetics are just too powerful. Turns out I have the gene that gave me about an 87% chance of breast cancer in my lifetime. A notable number of my relatives have similarly faced the fated cancer disease. But we are strong and determined people and I am blessed to have such a formidable family.

I told the doctors of my inspired will to make it back to Tao Garden in time for my favorite Loy Krathong festival. I envisioned myself letting go of all the struggles and pain being released as the past on the beautiful flowered banana leaf boats. And sending all my good wishes for my future to the sky with my lit lantern…. And my incredible doctors at Stanford said they would do their very best to have me well in time, though it seemed nearly impossible to me at that point.

But, praise be, here I am 5 arduous months later finally healed from the major 14.5 hours surgery and finished last chemo just 11 days before my flight to Thailand. Just squeaking in on time to celebrate Loy Krathong with all my happy heart and so amazed and grateful for my beautiful life. I have so much I am truly grateful for….

I still had some concerns. So then I show up at Tao Garden looking contrary to all we aspire to embrace there? Still bloated and bald from toxic chemo, not quite up to my full energy? What confidence will the others have in me and what I teach?

But failure and negation of what I’ve learned from Master Chia is not at all a part of my story. Not one bit. For I come here now to Tao Garden to truly bear witness of all the power and glory that is due to his teachings. Now when I instruct the children about the 6 Healing Sounds, Inner Smile etc., I stand there with joy and confidence knowing just how important and vital these practices are for our good life and health. And that they can help you survive the worst life can throw at you. I now know from the depths of my being…

It’s easy to demonstrate and master this Taoist Qi Gong when you are well and things are going good. Much harder when you’ve hit a dangerous critical mass and nothing is as it was before… But this is the crucial time to emulate what we’ve learned and be put to test.

Soon after I received my overwhelming diagnosis, alone at home I found myself violently shaking and rocking uncontrollably with primal fear. I could not get it to stop. I was animal in sheer terror for her life. Then I thought of the children I teach to use the 6 Healing Sounds and I desperately reached for that tool box and began singing over and over again from my “Whenever You Feel” song the part about the kidneys. “I breathe in the truest blue, like a flame melting right through all the fears that could freeze me like ice. Now I feel calm, warm and nice…” And within moments my body completely stopped shuddering and I could breathe smoothly again. Wow, this stuff really works!!!

And there began my confidence in knowing I had what I needed to survive this. I learned from my beloved Mantak Chia  such perfect practices to get me through all this hell of cancer. When I’d feel myself spin out feeling so lost, confused and alone, I grounded with the earth force and pulled in the North Star’s violet light and instantly I’d be connected with the grand universe and reassuringly felt myself a part of it all.

After they cut into my abdomen for the reconstructive surgery, my centers got so discombobulated. No worries, I practiced the Micro-cosmic Orbit and felt the energy in my body re-surge and be more properly aligned. The chemo made my gut into a huge hard and painful knot. Chi Nei Tsang to the rescue was a gently and lovingly undoing all the damage. I could not help but feel sorry for those who don’t have such recourse for their distress. I comforted my traumatized organs with Inner Smile and felt them relax with the loving attention. No energy in my body? Forget a cup of coffee, a lovely personal time with sexual chi gong recirculating an orgasm back into myself and I was good to go!!!

What I heard most from others thru all this was amazement at my illumination and positive grace. People couldn’t even tell I was so ill. They are astounded by how much energy and life force I have, even the day right after surgery and through-out these last tough months. I recovered so well and quickly, doctors are very impressed and pleased.

I sincerely know it’s been these UHT practices, along with the tangible love and prayers I’ve been given by my incredibly supportive family and community, that is why I’ve risen from all this like a fiery phoenix, stronger and brighter than ever. And feeling more connected than I’ve ever been with the universe. So feel confident with what you are learning here. It will serve you well.

And this priceless and hard earned knowledge is what I now bring to Tao Garden with all the joy my heart can carry. I am inspired to share these gifts with the children so they too can have these invaluable tools to not only survive but thrive and be victorious over whatever hardships life may throw them. This I know.

And it’s so reassuring that while at Tao Garden I know there’s everything I need to continue detoxing and restoring my good health. I can’t imagine a better place in the world to take care of one’s self. I highly recommend it for everyone.

I gained many precious lessons and insights from this incredibly profound experience I’ve gone through. And I’d be happy to discuss them with whoever asks. As a healer, I’ve learned the wondrous gift of the Wounding of the Shaman. “Physician, heal thyself” is vital to truly grasping the full magnitude of the healing process. It cannot go in just one direction. This energy must come full circle to be complete and integrated.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, Master Mantak Chia and Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort for helping to save my good life and giving me this immeasurable honor to share the value of all you’ve imparted to those who seek. I promise you I will give my very best and do you proud.

by Marian Brandenburg

August 2015 from Frederic

I have suffered from a begin hydrocel on the left testicle since 2002, it was quite noticeable but it was not addressed by the MD. My urologist did not consider necessary to practise any kind of surgery despite the pains I felt when my testicle was touched.

In 2012, I started to feel uncomfortable at the level of the urethra in addition to a feeling of weight on the bladder. I had 2 fibroscopies in 2012 and 2015 to check for dysuria, they only revealed the image of sclerosis on the cervix bladder and no anomaly on the bladder itself and an irritation of the urethra without any defined reason. I was not prescribed any particular treatment apart from good hydration.  

 In August 2015 a MRI revealed a swelling of the left inguinal scrotum duct and the persistence of the hydrocel on the left testicule. The sessions with Anne Marie tooAnne-marie gave me 8 sessions of CNT I followed by the use of Tok Sen on my genitals and bladder.

After the sessions we could notice a significant reduction of the hydrocel on my left testicule, if it did not diseappear completly. However since I have not felt any more  pain during palpation of my testicule. The use of Tok Sen on the bladder and its periphery also reduced the discomfort of the bladder.

This discomfort was quite permanent before Anne Marie’s sessions whereas now it seldom occurs. 

In addition, I feel necessary to add that I have resumed my regular practice of mountain bike riding, (50km for every outing ) and this does not provoke any discomfort on my testicule nor on my bladder, as it did before. 

So to conclude I can claim that these massages have been very positive in terms of living comfort.

Depuis 2002, j’étais affecté par une hydrocèle bénine du testicule gauche très visible, qui n’avait jamais fait l’objet d’une prise en charge spécifique; le médecin urologue qui me suit n’ayant pas jugé nécessaire de réaliser une quelconque intervention en dépit parfois d’une douleur ressentie à la palpation du testicule. En 2012, j’ai commencé à ressentir une gêne au niveau de l’urètre s’accompagnant parfois d’une sensation de pesanteur au niveau de la vessie. Les deux fibroscopies qui ont été réalisées en 2012 et 2015 dans le cadre d’un diagnostic de dysurie n’ont indiqué qu’un aspect de sclérose du col vésical sans autre anomalie et une irritation de l’urètre sans cause bien définie. Aucun traitement particulier n’a été préconisé en dehors d’une hydratation correcte.

Les séances d’Anne-Marie sont intervenues postérieurement à ces examens, à l’exception d’une IRM réalisée en août 2015, qui a permis de déceler un élargissement du canal inguino scrotal gauche et la persistance de l’hydrocèle au testicule gauche.

Anne-Marie a réalisé 8 séances de Chi Nei Tsang accompagnées d’un massage des parties génitales et de la vessie avec le tok sen. A l’issue de ces massages, on pouvait constater une réduction significative de l’hydrocèle affectant le testicule gauche. Si l’hydrocèle n’a pas disparu, elle semble avoir été stabilisée et je n’ai plus ressenti depuis de douleur à la palpation du testicule gauche. Le Tok Sen opéré sur la vessie et à périphérie immédiate de la vessie a réduit également la gêne ressentie. Cette gêne est désormais épisodique alors que la sensation était quasi permanente avant l’intervention d’Anne-Marie.

Par ailleurs, il me semble nécessaire de signaler que je pratique à nouveau le vélo tout terrain de manière régulière (+- 50 kms par sortie) et que cette activité sportive ne se traduit plus par une augmentation de la gêne ressentie tant au niveau du testicule que la vessie comme auparavant.

Par conséquent, j’estime que le bilan des massages est à ce jour plus que positif en terme de confort de vie.

Frederic SCHWARZ
Male 55 years old. Mountain bike practice for 23 years.
TAI CHI and QI  GONG practice for 4 years.

11/3/2015 Thank you “Tao Garden”!

Hello Master Mantak Chia,

My name is Alex, me and my wife want to say thank you for amazing place “Tao Garden” where one day ago happened birth of our fantastic baby girl! We call her Stefani and we already use all energy of nature of that place doing baby yoga outside! We’ve been all over the world and didn’t see so peaceful place like “Tao garden”, that’s why we decided to go here for this special moment!  It is so important to have everything you need in one place, especially for pregnant couple! Here we can 100% prepare ourselves for the magic moment: unity with nature, Colin’s Tai Chi classes in the morning, treatment, pool and massage, and of course delicious food in restaurant it helps to go through pregnancy easily! Thank you one more time and all the best for you and for “Tao garden” in the future.

Thank you for this opportunity,

Vlada, Alex and Stefani

Live Blood Analysis Testimonials

das wird in Zukunft meine dringende Empfehlung für alle gestressten Seelen um mich herum. Allein der Garten ist ein Sedatinum, das üppige Grün, der Duft des Jasmins, die schillernden Schmetterlinge. Jedes Mahl ist eine Erholung, die vielen Geschmäcker, die frischen Zutaten. Dazu die Massagen, die Betreuung, die Behandlungen mit so viel Bedacht und Sorgfalt ausgeführt. Und nicht zu vergessen die Freundlichkeit alle die hier Arbeiten. Zwei Wochen grosses Wohlgefühl- es hat mir wirklich sehr gut getan, hier im Tao Garden gewesen zu sein. 28.6.04 M.W.

Zwei Wochen (mindestens!)

Thanks to all the Staff at Tao Garden for a wonderful week spent there. The treatments were all great. The food was good also good facilities all at a reasonable price. I found the Staff to be very pleasant and very keen to assist my needs in any way possible. Once again thank you to everyone.

Craig Bessell

All kinds of traditional treatments and courses at a very high level, surrounded by a beautiful garden in a friendly atmosphere. You are allowed to relax alone if you want, but anything you need you get with a very special care.

Ludwigg Schutte, Dutch

Good alternative medicine in very nice surrounding and one of the only Resorts without alcohol and cigarettes.

Sana Brauner, Austria

This Spa caters to your physical, mental and spiritual needs. It also provides Meditation Training, Tai Chi and Chi Kung Training, in addition to the treatments.

Joseph V. Alleyne, Aruba

They don’t just help you relax; they help you achieve optimal health.

Doug Hilton, Canada

I arrived at Tao Garden felling much stressed due to all the usual pressures that most of us experience due to work and daily life. After a week of various treatments provided by the expert massage practitioners I felt totally renewed and invigorated and ready for return to my hectic lifestyle. Relaxing in the beautiful gardens, exercising in the gym and swimming pool and eating the delicious organic food, balanced according to the Five Element Theory, I was feeling healthier, physically, psychologically and spiritually than I had done for many years. I have experienced many different massage therapies in the past and this was the best ever. The massage practitioners at Tao Garden teach massage practitioners at other world-class resorts such as the Four Seasons at Chiang Mai and the Chiva Som in Hua Hin. I would strongly recommend a stay at the Tao Garden for anyone, but especially for those in need of reinvigoration.

Brian Mitchell

I recently stayed for the second year running at the Tao garden just outside Chiang Mai .The friendly staff and beautiful gardens, tasty organic meals made my stay very enjoyable. The massage practitioners are specially selected and trained by Mantak Chia the owner of Tao Garden who is also a Taoist Master. The treatments are world class (in fact they train the other massage practitioners at international spas such as Mandarin-Oriental, Chiva Som etc.). I would thoroughly recommend this spa for anyone in need of rest, recuperation and regeneration.

Margaret Robinson

I have been staying amongst you all for almost 8 weeks. When I arrived every single step I took was painful, each part of my physical body hurt, it was too painful to have treatments to begin with. Without going into detail I just wanted you to know that I leave today in no pain and many other symptoms have responded to the integrated teaching that is available here. I came with a very rare and complicated condition that Dr. Jabu and the clinic responded to amazingly. Part of the gifts and uniqueness that you provide are not necessarily in your marketing brochure but I wanted to mention them as they are part of your strengths. They have also been a part of some of the important healing that does take place here. You meet extraordinary and interesting people all of the time from every walk of life and have the time to sit and enjoy each other’s company.

You get to slow down and take time for yourself and can re-evaluate all that is available in mind, body and spirit for your future. There are so many opportunities to begin a journey of self-discovery and mastery with many, many sign posts sitting around here, some obvious and some not so. It’s like a giant puzzle that the Garden invites each person to begin to work out (at their own pace) The Garden uniquely provides the tools for clients and patients to begin to know more about the power in their own organs, and the endless possibilities of mastering more and more knowledge from an ancient system of medicine that really understood that “all is one”. The garden and the stunning bonsai provide a continual metaphor for all those seekers of truths and knowledge that finds themselves here. Each person needs can be met from where they are. The laughter that is so often heard amongst everyone that works here is very tangible when you arrive in a very tired state and the joy that radiates amongst so many of you daily.

The food has been consistently delicious and inspiring to do so much with sometimes a limited choice, when it comes to so many restrictions that some of us have to abide by, when we arrive so ill. Thank you to Aor and all his staff and to Neung, Ao and Roj. The juices have sustained me and picked me up often, but more than that, Sai and Ew with their caring and consistent helpfulness made many a long intravenous drip much more enjoyable even in the rain which always seemed somehow lovely in such stunning gardens. Thank you. When I became well enough to swim Wangs fantastic English was inspiring with his amazing Joy of Life attitude. Nothing was ever too much trouble to make the swimming pool sessions enjoyable and relaxing. Lar was also caring and helpful. Thank you.

When I was able to have treatments I entrusted a very battered and fragile body into the very capable hands of Dang and Porn who were exceptional in their thorough, professional and caring work. Thank you.

Thank you to Kung Nee too. She managed to make me laugh as she made noisy exclamations of horror at the extent of the nerve damage.

Nong also has made my stay lovely and was extremely efficient. Thank you.
Dr. Angela’s passionate knowledge helped inform many visitors of the integrated way of eating and feeding the body.

Sadly this time I was not able to have a taste of Walters and Jutta’s skills but they also made me very warmly welcome. Thank You.

Simon and his team at the Reception did just that. They welcomed me endlessly with big smiles, help and consistent support. They were efficient and thorough. Me, Wut and Wat to name only some of the lovely faces that were always there to help and make me and all the friends I made here so welcome. Thank you.

Also the store provides us with all the books, information and equipment we need for our ongoing journey to learn how we can master our own mind, body and soul. Thank you to the team there too.

Unfortunately I will have left out many of what I believe is 150 approx. people that are working here but I do so hope that each department here knows how appreciative I am of all of your integrated work that you all provide.

Each one of you makes up the whole. Every single one of us is surely on a journey to seek our own individual and collective holiness so thank you for contributing to mine.

My love to you all from cells that have absorbed much while I have stayed with you,


Testimonials from the Conference Happy New Year 2014

“Yes, I would return to Tao Garden. I found the conference to help me go deep into my being to make a quantum shift. I thank all the instructors for their unique contribution to making me refocus on my true self, my body, and my own beauty. It was a great combination of spiritual insights through body, mind, and spirit energy and movement. It helped me to really get out of my mind and back into my body. Thank you all!” By Marina Sletter from Switzerland

“The conference was amazing using very rich simple methods to make a turning point in our life, as to be always a tool helping us put ourselves on the right track. I would love to return, to come back to Tao Garden to experience more and more”. By Alaa from Cairo, Egypt

“I’ll attend a retreat here at Tao Garden again. The conference was full of knowledge and techniques and I learned how to shift my negative emotions to lift up myself.
Dr. Angela is the greatest guiding for me and was full of love and compassion. I love you all”.

Benjaporn from Bangkok, Thailand

“It’s just a paradise.” November 11, 2011

This place is enormous and you could spend your entire vacation on the property. We regularly stay at Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort and we love it! I highly suggest that you get one of their packages if you can. The grounds are just beautiful, and so nicely manicured the staff are really friendly and very accommodating. We couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant stay. Range of treatments found nowhere else in Thailand or most of the rest of the world (CNT and Karsai).
The massages given at the spa are about 2-3 times the typical Thai rate, but still less than half the rate at home. And, the treatments are outstanding. You will love the food if you like Thai food, seafood, or vegetarian food. They emphasis that food should be chosen based on blood type. Don’t worry; they don’t try to enforce this. Note that there isn’t much to do in the area. It is not in Chiang Mai, but about 35 minutes outside town. There is a little village within walking distance of the resort. They offer pick up at the airport, drop off and daily shuttles in Chiang Mai for a small fee.
The service quality is extremely high, their spa services are a mixed bag of everything from blood analysis, Thai massage, facials and the above mentioned, not to missed CNT and Karsai.

London, England, United Kingdom

Tao Gardens is a really beautiful and idyllic setting. It has a real peaceful quality about it. The treatments are wide ranging and the food was incredible. However, the best thing about this place is the people. The staff is incredibly helpful and gracious. Highly Recommended

Dom M Leicester, United Kingdom

Laura Shapiro 17 April 2012

Hi Moses, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your kind email and referral to the Tao garden. My experience was simply amazing! While I was there I saw a doctor, told him how I’ve had a lot of anxiety and frustration lately and he recommended that i get a Chi Nei Tsang massage. I have to say, I was skeptical, but after this massage I felt fabulous, my anxiety was completely gone and I was in a more serene state. Also I’ve been a smoker for 15years, but since that massage I have quit smoking cigarettes. I am truly amazed and grateful! That being said, I can’t wait for the workshop. I am very excited to continue to learn healing methods and ways to overcome my anxiety.

Thanks again!

Laura Shapiro

I was visiting the Tao Garden resort just a few days ago. My room was facing the luxurious garden and from my terrace I was amazed by the quality of silence and the luxurious nature all around, it made my two week stay a very enjoyable one. I strongly recommend their Pakua Clinic, where I could get a thorough check up and treatments to balance my body/mind and get back on a healthy track. The food served is not only tasty and nicely presented but also very nutritious. A warm thank you to the staff they made my stay as smooth as silk.

Best Regards’

Owner #402

Ayako Wakui

I am writing this email to show my experience in Tao Garden. My booking is from 21 to 30 May included Chi Nei Tsang I course. At first, I booked transportation from Chiang Mai airport before my trip from Japan on the Internet, but nobody was there, and I had been waiting 2hours that I was really tired when I arrived. However, the Accommodation and facility is good enough clean and rich in variety, and the location is wonderful and I impressed. Full of greens with fresh air, river flown, and birds and bugs are singing that I have been extremely relaxing. Secondly, Chi Nei Tsang course is amazing. It is only for 1 week, but lots of useful knowledge and experience we can get than I expected. I would feel more smooth and kindly if the time table and text were distributed. Foods also fresh, healthy and tasty, but only I want is much less salt & oil.
Sometimes I feel it tastes heavy. The treatment already I took is colon hydrotherapy and Karsai Nei Tsang. Both are first time for me that I felt nerves, but the massage practitioners are kind and skillful. I would to know more explanation for my body. And more, really good is all of stuffs are kind and have gentle smile. Their service is great. Total is wonderful that I extended 2 more nights.
As I know about body, I want to focus on my own more and more. I am going to try to take some treatments after finish my course. Anyway, I send email instead of writing on SNS.
I am going to write on SNS as well to introduce for my friends, after leave here.

Best regards,

Ayako Wakui #410

[23] Chihiro Hayashi May 2011

Thank you for all experience! I really enjoy staying the Universal Healing Tao, Tao Garden! It’s truly healing place where surrounding by deep green and colorful flower or long life Bonsai! People who are working at Tao Garden are very friendly! Always say hello to me with smile.
Room is simple and clean. I appreciate housekeeping staff so much. Treatment is fantastic! All massage practitioners have high quality technique and kindness. I’ve tried hydro colonic therapy and Karsai Nei Tsang which they were first experience for me. Even though I was nerves to try it, they cared of me with heartfelt hospitality and made me relax. Most recommendable point is Morning exercise with reliable philosophy! It fundamentally makes me happy and inspires me. My life gonna be improved by Tao’s energy a lot.

Thank you for your consideration. I feel Mr. Mantak Chia’s spirit everywhere.
I want to follow it and come back soon!!!

Chihiro Hayashi Room No. 410

Mary Etta Rose in May 2011

I had a wonderful time. The health benefits will stay with me for a long time, forever I hope. And the friends I made are grand memories too.

Kindest Regards,

Mary Etta

Marisa Grassi September 06, 2009

Hi. Inspired of my visit being cut short I must say I did benefit from the 4 days in Tao Garden. But I would highly recommend that you hire a counselor especially for customers that are going through detox or make it clear that you do not take on people who have existing medications. I was very candid and honest in my form and indicated all the medications I was taking. I did not realize that I would be asked to stop these but I tried anyway to stop and gave it my best effort. So it was very traumatic for me to be going through withdrawals and have no one from the Gardens talking to me and helping me through this difficult time. Thus I left because I felt I was losing my mind. Just like any addict going through withdrawals. Except in my case they are actually prescription drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist. As an aside though, just want you to know, that so far thanks to Tao Gardens I was able to cut my medication by 50%! So I guess like all things in life, my experience that had its highs and lows. Finally I would like to say that the staff was unfailingly kind. I fell in love with the Thai women and shared with them a sense of humor — this was like a ray of sunlight. I give you 100% for service. Dr. William as well did the best he could give the circumstances. And I found him to be very caring.

Marisa Grassi

Ann Fogal from USA March 2009

I just finished another 5 day fast and another liver cleanse at home and the process is getting much easier. I hadn’t realized how much work it is in the kitchen – so much shopping, chopping, slicing, juicing, blending and only 5 minutes to drink – and no Peggy to talk to in the meantime! I also made your special soup, but not as good as when you make it. It turned out a bit thick maybe because I didn’t strain the part I blended and added back in. I was very lucky to have been introduced to juice fasting through you because it made my initial experience so much easier and much more fun that it really did facilitate a desire to live a more balanced lifestyle after leaving Tao Garden.

Tao Garden Odyssey

A review of the Tao Garden, the Joy of Juice Club, Liquid Fasting Center and the life changing experience there for a large health blog, By Curtis McCosco

Judith and Simon

From: Simon Steinberg [] Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 1:23 AM
To: Subject: Mrs. Judith and Mr. Simon are very grateful

Hello everybody at Tao Garden Simon here I am writing the following from Mrs. Judith:

To: Master Mantak Chia and family:

I can hardly believe, that I had the privilege to meet our greatest spiritual leader of our time like yourself, Master Chia, your loving kindness and support to help me to survive, I thank you a million times, for your visit and gifts in the hospital with your beautiful wife and daughter.
I shall never forget it.

To: Dr. Kampon:

I just like to say to you Dr. Kampon, that I feel the luckiest person in the world, to be able to receive medical help, from the very top of the medical world today can offer as yourself Dr. Kampon, with compassion and dedication, I have never seen before, it touched my heart, your service to mankind it is great, I deeply appreciate it all the help you have given to me, thank you so much, wishing you and your family the best of everything.

To: Dr. William:

After a short time of my consultation with you Dr. William, I felt I am speaking to a real Doctor, I came to you with my horrendous physical state, after 14 months of suffering with horrendous pain 24 hours a day, I could get no help anywhere, all doors were shut and nowhere to go I lived in the world of darkness, suddenly I felt, there was a light coming, here I met this young Doctor, with a huge knowledge of orthodox and alternative health, who really wants to help me, you have restored my optimism, together with your beautiful wife she has given me so much support and kindness, that I felt this was a heaven on earth for me, I cannot find words, to thank you enough, and I adore your children. Wishing you happiness and all good things in life. Thanks for your visit to the hospital, and your beautiful gift.

To: Dr. Wong

I always believed in Chinese medicine, and your treatment, helped so much relieve my pains, and all your kindness and compassion. Thank you for your visit to the hospital and for the gift, I am grateful for ever. My best wishes to you and to your family

To: The Girls at Tao Garden

I am thousands of miles away from you, but in my thoughts, you are close to me, because you are my Angels, who taught me how to smile again, I love you each one of you, I am just a sick old woman, and you have accepted me so gracefully to be part of the family, you are all an inspiration to the world, as we are nations of families we must learn to love one another, you do it best. Wish you all lots of happiness. I am sorry I wasn’t able to say goodbye to all the people at Tao Garden, I don’t know their names but remember the faces. I hope to be well and come again to say hello and goodbye to all the beautiful people, including the residents, lovely people like Hillary, I will always remember them with great affection.

Love and light to all

Judith and Simon

David from France Period of stay in Tao Garden: 22 September – 13 October 2008
What I like most about Tao Garden is the great beauty of the place, the calm, and the warm, friendly, respectful environment that is here. I really value the broad range and quality of the treatments here and the opportunity to pick one’s own choice and have especially individually tailored package. Also the ground facilities here, the quality of the food on the whole, the teas etc. are, I find really good. Unfortunately, I did not get so much opportunity to join in the morning Chi Kung and evening Tao Yin classes but the fact that this is available here makes this health center unique and give a much needed spiritual dimension. But on the whole Tao Garden is really a unique place and health resort.

Going Home a Blessed Canadian – Dean Period of Stay 24 Oct. – 01 Nov. 2008 – Attained 7 days detox & fasting program.

I am inspired to have a better life after completing the detox & fasting program at Tao Garden. You guys (staff) are great ! I am amazed by the quality of your work. Each and every one of you “Give, give and give more” Wow! You are an example of Eckhart’s Tolle words: “This one step then becomes transformed into an expression of perfection, an act of great beauty and quality. Visitors around the world : “Take consciousness of your inner body and join this team towards Healing, Being and Loving”. How? Surrender to what is, total acceptance. This team is an example of Self-Healing. We just need to let go of resistance and enjoy every moment. This moment is the only one important, let it be.

Betty & Wolfgang from Kuwait Period of stay 3-12 September 2008

Wolfgang and myself are grateful that there is Tao Garden to look after the health of people using alternative medicine treatment. Wolfgang feels much better physically and spiritually. The toxic in his body is gone that he enjoys his life now. The morning exercise and yoga helped him a lot that his outlook in life changed completely. He is still doing it every day. It was really a memorable experience that we started to tell our family and friends to visit your place for treatment. I gave them the brochures and CDs. I hope you will take care of them too. Tao Garden is peaceful and relaxing place. We enjoyed the delicious and healthy food. The medical team and staff are very friendly and caring. By the way, thanks for convincing me to take the colonic treatment ‘coz it made me feel better even though I really hated it. I am exercising every day to lose weight and stay healthy.
Mr.Mark Stepen Swilley, USA – May 2007

I found Tao Garden place by using Google search. I think your home page is interesting especially the history of a place. I interested to do some detox courses then I made my decision to come here. I like the service of a clinic. The treatments are very effective. There are various kinds of treatments program. Normally the healthy food is difficult to find. However, I come here for treatment not only for food, but really food is good.

Ms. Schika Yamasaki, Japan – May 2007

I found Tao Garden place by a book I don’t remember the name but just a book and then I see the website then book through the website. I like the treatment program very much. I interested in your treatment programs. I like alkaline water the most because it’s good for health. I think your healthy food has a good taste. Every menu is good for health. I like the food, the taste is good.

Ms. Kim Quan Choo, Malasia – May 2007

I use Google search engine and contact you at I like the service and the treatments at Pakua Clinic that very nice. You know, I like a hot food. I think the taste is good but do not then I don’t like much. But ok, I think the taste was developed and you all try to develop. when I have a massage at massage place I love it. I feel the natural and its very relaxation.
Mr. Peter Elia, Netherland – May 2007

I’m the old guest and in the project friend get friends. This time I bring 10 people to come here. I impress almost everything, place, food, treatment. But my treatment schedule is very tight. I have to have treatments every day continuing. But the service is ok. I impress. The food here is good. But I have been here continuing 3 years but coming this time I feel that the food has been so much developed. I feel that your food is upgraded, right? The taste is better.

Dianne More (Australian) 08/06/2007

Tao Garden is a very pleasant experience and peaceful. The facilities are very good and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The programs offered are quite effective and very according to each person needs. ”The programs also offer the choice of changing treatments if the client wishes. My experience with the weight loss program has been very successful. My only criticism is there should be a fitness program included in the package. Most people need to be advised on an exercise program. The auto machine is very good and the food is fantastic. I like the fact that all the foods are market with the blood group suitable for each particular food. Generally all the facilities and staff are very good.

Ruben Macias (Mexico) 09/06/2007

Tao Garden is a fantastic experience and a very good place to stay, all treatments that I have been talking are excellent, and all treatment is very good. The place is amazing: very quiet, relax, clean and calm, so I can relax. The food is very taste and healthy. 1 can feel how my body likes to eat this good food. All massage practitioners are very professional, and all of them can solve my-health problem. All the people that works very nice, all of them take care of me and what I need with a good massage and with a big smile. I believe that no place like this in the heart. I can find everything to be healthy. I have been talking many treatments and I feel fantastic. The program doctors, nurses, staff, taste and treatment are excellent, and help me very much to be health and so I feel very strong. I just want to say thanks for a fantastic place, thanks Master Chia.

Terry Bingley, ENGLAND

As a retired person I arrived at the Tao Garden tired and feeling my years. What a fantastic difference the Detox and a few days made. It was all new to me but I was most impressed with the whole experience including Taoist concepts – my body is really grateful and will be back …. 29 April 05

A Welcome Retreat from the West – The Tao Garden offers the weary soul a chance to experience a connection to nature and an opportunity to reconnect with self. If you are looking for entertainment such as TV and all of the modern distractions we are accustomed to, then this is not the place for you. If you are looking for somewhere to experience something greater than our materialistic society and spend some real time getting to know yourself then you will not find a more fulfilling place to visit. For a deeper experience you should enroll in the Universal Healing Tao basics workshop and learn some skills that you can take home with you.

Nathan H , Sydney, Australia

Rewarding and Regretful

It was regretful that we had to leave. Initially our stay at Tao Garden was only going to be for five days. Our objective was to relax and we certainly ticked that box. The staff was friendly and more than helpful and the meals were an enjoyment shared with great company. Whilst there I became familiar with Francesco (Tao Masa) and the Tao Kung Fu retreat he runs as an instructor. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to participate for a week so we extended our stay. The Kung Fu retreat was brilliant; I learnt a soft and hard Chi Kung practice along with a Kung Fu form. Francesco is thoroughly engaging, he is dynamic and as an instructor he has an amazing ability to bring forth the best in a person. Thanks Francesco for your time and patience and for all the laughs.

Jason W, Perth, Australia May 23, 2012

Wonderful Place

I’m afraid I cannot be very objective while writing about Tao Garden – ’cause I’m in love with the place. Yes, it’s all true about organic food, about efficient staff of doctors, dietologists and masseuses, gorgeous landscape designs etc. There is no exaggeration in praising the place and people who work there. What makes Tao Garden precious for me is a unique atmosphere you can share with other students and guests. The atmosphere was loving care, understanding and acceptance. Whether you are a student of Master Chia, or a guest of the spa resort, wherever you go, whoever you deal with, you are wrapped in the serenity of smiles and warmth of attitude. You are not client there, but a dear guest and a friend. I have the deepest gratitude to Master Chia and the whole Tao Garden staff for creating this miracle of harmony and happiness.

Yelena Fesik , Kiev, Ukraine May 17, 2012


We are still here at Tao Garden thought I’d review it while still immersed in it! We’ve been here for 2 nights and have 2 more to go, but have had like 4 massages each, blood analysis, hubby did the max pulse thingy. We’ve done the signature Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal massage and I’ve moved my bowels twice(which is a good thing for me) and i really enjoyed the Tok Sen. The other signature massage is the Karsai for sexual organs which my husband did. Hmmm….we’ll see…) Staff is very friendly and does everything to ensure your comfort. They speak pretty good English, of course, some better than others. Have also had a consultation with the doctor after the blood analysis and i think he knows his stuff. This is the green therefore low season, so we got 4N for the price of 3. It’s really hot this time of the year but we got used to it after a day. Rented bicycles and that is the way to go…from massage to room to dining hall and even out to the village and dam. I will visit the night market tomorrow night. The package is for full board…room plus 3 buffet style meals a day, but after day 2 they decided they will go ala carte. The menu is quite limited and we got tired of it after 3 meals but the chef was very willing to cook something we requested so it’s not an issue. The food is pretty delicious and there are lots of health teas to choose from and every meal there is one or two new ones. They even have fruit tea bags for you to make your own and there are “tea kiosk’s in the exercise hall etc.. My only gripe about the food is that they do deep fry their food and reuse the oil. In my opinion, not good, for a health place. The other thing is…the garden is beautiful…mature trees, lots of old bonsai lining the path. However the decor is a little bit on the Taoism side…many statues of deities all over the place, so if you are one of those super religious people who are opposed to such things, then think again before coming. It did not bother us though. We booked a Natural Room, which is 2 Star. The room is basic, with option for air-conditioning (we took it after 1night) and decor is a little cheap, but the most important thing. The bed is nice and firm with smooth hotel quality sheets and the towels are nice and fluffy. We noticed, though, that our bathroom is free viewing for all, no matter what we did to the windows! Fortunately there are only about 20 guests at this time so hope no one ventures out here! Oh, one more thing i have to mention is that the staff treat everyone the same…unlike some places where they tend to give special treatment to Caucasians. Bravo! Overall, this is a pretty good set up. We feel very relaxed here…just eating and sleeping and massage…

Joyce Choice, Singapore, April 27, 2012

Transformative Healing Experience

April 25, 2012 – My first and lasting impression of Tao Gardens is the serenity of balance. Perhaps it’s that the gorgeous and lovingly maintained grounds have been created consciously using Feng Shui. Maybe it’s because the entire staff are all encouraged to foster health and good chi within themselves, sharing it with everyone in smiles and sweet service. And it could be what one discovers about them. As the days passed I found myself gently yielding to the natural forces all around me, surrendering to that harmony resonating naturally in my own body as the stresses and worries of the world rolled off me. Tao Gardens isn’t just a place to eat, study and lay your head. It is a lasting experience of an ideal state of mind body and spirit presented in such an inviting and gentle way, you find yourself looking forward to maintaining this attainment once returning home. Whether participating in the free Chi Kung exercises and Taoist meditations, studying the unique and powerful ancient health practices, or treating yourself to one of the numerous beneficial treatments, what you experience while staying there can only change your life for the better. And while improving your health and state of mind, everything is taken care of for you with great attention to detail so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Not even what to have for meals as everyday fresh delicious and healthy food is presented with ever changing variety along with the beloved staples. If you feel adventurous, the staff is happy to help arrange a variety of local activities like river rafting, bicycling, riding elephants, visiting with tigers and of course the ever popular shopping at the markets!! One of the best things about staying at Tao Gardens that is a step above the usual hotel experience is all the international friends I made there, many I still keep contact with. Some fellow students, some visitors just there for the resort but all the guests I found to be very intelligent, aware and engaging people. The dining hall is set up so you may have alone time at a table if you like or sit with any number of the fascinating guests from numerous cultures. Mealtime conversations can be quite lively and enlightening. Newly formed groups off to an adventure of fun at the Night Bazaar will give you fond memories you’ll never regret. An especially great time to visit is during Loy Krathong festival, so fantastic to participate in!! One thing that especially endeared me to the staff and a vital aspect I found very reassuring was the care I got when I happened to fall terribly ill. Qualified health practitioners on premises rushed to me with sincere concern providing me with excellent remedies, and did follow-ups to make sure I was getting better. Teachers and guests bearing sundries checked on me regularly and my darling instructor Jutta personally attended to me with her expert treatments. None of which was on my bill when I checked out!! I have never felt more cared for in my life! One could note you find a cheaper massage in town but the sincere love you receive here is priceless. And I find just strictly Thai massage can get somewhat repetitious and boring after a few times and is limited in how it can help. The practitioners at Tao Gardens are highly trained in specific treatments that not only relax, but help restore the entire health of one’s body. Specialty’s like Chi Nei Tsang which helps alleviate organ and GI tract issues and Karsai Nei Tsang which helps restore sexual health are offered at extremely reasonable prices for such expert work. And many of the other services and treatments offered at their professional health clinic on site are much less expensive than you would find at home for such high quality of standards. I think this would be an ideal place for anyone wanting a safe and knowledgeable place they can trust to deeply detox or simply restore balance to their being. As well as learn invaluable practices that can transform their life. It surely has for me!!

Marian Brandenburg, San Rafael

Most Spiritual Detox in Thailand

May 30, 2009 I did a 14 day detox there last year and liked it so much that I went back again this year with a dear friend of mine. Walking in and getting a blood test, sitting down with a physician and going over the results is a great way to start a detox, very professional. Tao Garden has so many great programs. From Detox, to courses to just going there and chilling out. The place is very spiritual and relaxing. It’s set on 80 acres with 40 being their own organic farm with the organic food being so tasty; in fact it was a big step up from last year. The staff were so happy and friendly and always smiling. I will be 4 sure telling even more friends about it. As a health retreat goes it was one of the best I had been to in Asia. They were building a brand new 5 star treatment section that looked like it was almost finished. The only thing I could suggest was some Yoga classes.

Hardline Media, Sydney, Australia

Enjoyed My Stay

July 22, 2007

I agree with everything the previous member wrote. In July, the area is very humid and not many guests were there. The massages given at the spa are about 2-3 times the typical Thai rate, but still less than half the rate at home. And, the treatments are outstanding. You will love the food if you like Thai food, seafood, or vegetarian food. They emphasis that food should be chosen based on blood type. Don’t worry; they don’t try to enforce this. Note that there isn’t much to do in the area. It is not in Chiang Mai, but about 35 minutes outside town. There is a little village within walking distance of the resort. To us, 4 days was perfect. More days would have left us a little stir crazy.

Wellness, Spa and Darkroom Retreat

March 6, 2010 – Der Tao Garden ist ein einzigartiges Wellness- und Gesundheits-Zentrum nahe Chiang Mai. Auf dem 80.000 m² großen Gelände werden auf qualitativ hohem Niveau die vielfältigen Aspekte der taoistischen Lehre umgesetzt. Gesunde Ernährung nach der chinesischen 5-Elemente Lehre ist Vorraussetzung und wird durch nach biologischen Gesichtspunkten selbst angebaute Nahrung und erreicht. Körperentgiftung und die begleitende Entschlackung von Körper und Seele können durch vielfältig angebotene Körperübungen und taoistischen Massagetechniken verstärkt werden. Die Tao Garden Pakua Clinic stellt mit chinesischen und westlichen Ärzten den medizinischen Teil dieses wunderbaren Ortes zur Verfügung nd hat dort ein einzigartiges Seminar- und Gesundheits-Zentrum erschaffen, den „Tao Garden“ nahe Chiang Mai. Auf dem 80.000 m² großen Gelände werden auf qualitativ hohem Niveau die vielfältigen Aspekte des Tao umgesetzt. Gesunde Ernährung nach der chinesischen 5-Elemente Lehre ist Vorraussetzung und wird durch nach biologischen Gesichtspunkten selbst angebaute Nahrung erreicht. Die begleitende Entschlackung von Körper und Seele wird durch vielfältige Körperübungen und spezielle Massagetechniken verstärkt. Die Tao Garden Clinic stellt mit chinesischen Ärzten und vielfältigen Methoden der Entschlackung und Rekonvaleszens den medizinischen Teil dieses wunderbaren Ortes zur Verfügung. Die richtige Adresse für Burn-Out geplagte. Ein weiteres Highlight dieses gesegneten Ortes ist der Darkroom. Der Tao Garden Inhaber, Mantak Chia, bietet für Erlebnishungrige die weltweit einzigartige Möglichkeit an, sich für bis zu 4 Wochen in einem Meditationsretreat zurückzuziehen, in völliger Dunkelheit. Der Tradition und den Erkenntnissen alter Tao-Meister folgend, habe ich an einem einwöchigen Retreat teilgenommen. Ich bin immer noch tief beeindruckt und habe noch eine weile zu tun, um all die wunderbaren Erlebnisse zu verarbeiten. Auf jeden Fall für meine beruflichen Aktivitäten als Ingenieur eine höchst willkommene Entspannung.

chief424364 , Berlin

Angenehmer Wellness Urlaub

January 30, 2010 – Weg vom Lärm noch nah genug um mit dem Schuttelbus des Hotels in 10 Minuten zum Night Market.. Mein Aufenthalt war sehr schön.. Die Anlage war sehr gepflegt und sauber. Das Essen was SUPER LECKER!! Bis auf eine Person war das Personal sehr nett und professionell. Die Taimassagen und meine Therapien haben mir gesundheitlich sehr geholfen… Unter Schweizer Leitung lief alles so wie wir das aus Europa kennen, vor allem die Sauberkeit! Habe die Chi Nei Tsang Massage bekommen und dachte erst ich springe von Tisch, doch nach ein paar Minuten war es nur noch eine Erlösung.. Es gab auch Tagesausflüge nach Burma, das hat auch unheimlich Spaß gemacht! Ich kann eine 2-3 Wochenkur im Tao Garden nur empfehlen!

Jim Wolfe, Frankfurt

Heaven for Money, But Still Heaven

February 14, 2012 – Tao Garden is a place where you must be prepared to spend money. It worth’s though every cent. If there is heaven on earth, then this is one of the places where you can actually find it. Peaceful and with an amazing natural environment, this is a space where you can let your body, emotions and mind be healed. Balanced quality food, great rooms and average rooms, great service and slow service, lots of smiles. They really do their job those guys even when they are not “perfect”. It’s up to you if you are able to let yourself go with the flow and not think about that money and that insect and all that silence… I was there for a workshop and maybe I was easier going than usual. But still, it’s a fabulous place to revive you.

Aethea, Bucharest


February 11, 2012 – My time at Tao Gardens was amazing. Pern was always checking to make sure everything was great for me and to see if there was anything I needed to help make my stay better. Nom did such great work with my body during our treatment time. Thank you to all who made my stay at Tao Gardens so special. If you need a place to relax and rejuvenate this is the place to go!

Theresa A Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Great Place to Get Over Jet Lag or Whatever Ails You

January 6, 2012 – On my way to Bhutan in October, I took the short hop from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to rest for a few days before heading to the Himalayas. It was wonderful to eat great organic food, receive relaxing and health promoting massages, do Chi Kung exercises and just generally get over jet lag before I continued my journey. They picked me up from the airport and brought me back as well as had transportation into town one night. I liked being out of the city in the relaxing country side.

Reikidonna , Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

A Great Place to Restore your Health

December 22, 2011 – Most of the folks posting excellent comments here talk about the beautiful nature setting, the friendly staff, great food, and spa treatments provided at Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand. While this is all true, my visit in mid-November 2011 was solely to restore my failing health since it was negatively impacting my ability to make a decent living. My objective was to receive a good diagnosis to my ill feelings, as well as, to receive a general detoxification at the clinic there. My dangerously high blood pressure was back to within normal range after just 4 days, and the people there (guests and staff members) began commenting about the amazing change they saw in me. Now that I am restored to optimum health, I am free to focus on my ability to make a living. I certainly hope that my now good health remains so that my next visit can be all about enjoying this beautiful garden paradise. If I were to write a novel, I would choose Tao Garden for a 3 month retreat simply because I would find the most inspiration there.

RMakuch , Khon Kaen, Thailand


December 10, 2011 I have hosted two retreats at Tao Garden and each was truly a joy. It is a beautiful location, great variety of spa treatments, spectacular food, warm and helpful staff. Pern, especially, went out of her way to make sure every detail of our stay was perfect.

Dennis S, Miami, Florida

Wonderful Resort

December 1, 2011 I have been to Tao Garden in August 2011. It was the first time and I really enjoyed it. I especially liked the fruits that were served. They were mostly exotic fruits, very tasty. The place is quiet and very clean, there is nearly no pollution in the air. The treatments done there are truly efficient and the staff was very helpful and nice. I recommend anyone to go there, it is a wonderful experience.

Radu_Iasi Iasi, Romania

What a Fantastic Stay

November 14, 2011 – I stayed in this health spa in October 2011, and overall I truly enjoyed did. First of all, spa is located in a state of art garden which is totally away from any types of distraction and a lot of walking and cycling roads in it. Second, they serve three meals with breakfast and a true effort has been put to make them tasty and great efforts to combine non vegetarian foods. All the meals include special hot and cold drinks and plenty of fruits and other assortments. Accommodation is another area which I was totally satisfied with, no problem at all with my room or any service combined with. When I got all these services for about $70 daily (Green season) with all other free extra activities like pools, gym and free morning and evening exercises, I was very, very satisfied for my overall being in this resort. Health and Spa activities would be the other side of journey to this place. I am not expert in this field and thus I do not want comment on these holistic treatments. However, I was happy about 90% after receiving them. I almost forgot to say that I was alone in my visit, and everyone, staff and guests, is very polite and open minded so you feel like you are at home. Thank you all…

Emre Y, Istanbul, Turkey