Testimonials from the Conference Happy New You, 2014

“Yes, I would return to Tao Garden. I found the conference to help me go deep into my being to make a quantum shift. I thank all the instructors for their unique contribution to making me refocus on my true self, my body, my own beauty.

It was a great combination of spiritual insights through body, mind, and spirit energy and movement. It helped me to really get out of my mind and back into my body. Thank you all!” By Marina Sletter from Switzerland.

“The conference was amazing using very rich simple methods to make a turning point in our life, as to be always a tool helping us put ourselves on the right track. I would love to return, to come back to Tao Garden to experience more and more”. By Alaa, from Cairo, Egypt.

“I’ll attend a retreat here at Tao Garden again. The conference was full of knowledge and techniques and I learned how to shift my negative emotions to lift up myself.
Dr. Angela is the greatest guiding for me and was full of love and compassion. I love you all”. Benjaporn from Bangkok, Thailand.


Continuation from 2013 Catherines Testimonial (previous page)

When I was able to have treatments I entrusted a very battered and fragile body into the very capable hands of Dang and Porn who were exceptional in their thorough , professional and caring work. THANK YOU .
THANK YOU to kung Nee too. She managed to make me laugh as she made noisy exclamations of horror at the extent of the nerve damage.

Nong also has made my stay lovely and was extremely efficient.
When I was able to ,Francesco,s exercise classes were professional , relaxing and incredibly informative. THANK YOU .
Dr Angelas passionate knowledge helped inform many visitors of the integrated way of eating and feeding the body.

Sadly this time I wasnt able to have a taste of Walters and Jutta,s skills but they also made me very warmly welcome.

Simon and his team at the WELCOME centre did jus that ! They WELCOMED me endlessly with big smiles , help and consistent support . They were efficient and thorough.
Me, Wut and Wat to name only some of the lovely faces that were always there to help and make me and all the friends I made here so Welcome .
Also the store provides us with all the books, information and equipement we need for our on going journey to learn how we can master our own mind , body and soul.
THANK YOU to the team there too.

UNFORTUNATELY I will have left out many of what I believe is 150 approx people that are working here but I do so hope that each department here knows how appreciative I am of all of your INTEGRATED work that you all provide.

Every single one of us is surely on a journey to seek our own individual and collective HOLENESS ?! wholeness /HOLINESS

My love to you all from cells that have absorbed much while I have stayed with you !!!


“Its just a paradise.”
November 11, 2011

This place is enormous and you could spend your entire vacation on the property. We regularly stay at Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort and we love it! I highly suggest that you get one of their packages if you can. The grounds are just beautiful, and so nicely manicured the staff are really friendly and very accommodating. We couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant stay. range of treatments found no where else in Thailand or most of the rest of the world (CNT and Karsai).
The massages given at the spa are about 2-3 times the typical thai rate, but still less than half the rate at home. And, the treatments are outstanding. You will love the food if you like thai food, seafood, or vegetarian food. They emphasis that food should be chosen based on blood type. Don’t worry, they don’t try to enforce this. Note that there isn’t much to do in the area. It is not in Chiang Mai, but about 35 minutes outside town. There is a little village within walking distance of the resort
They offer pick up at the airport, drop off and daily shuttles in Chiang Mai for a small fee.
The service quality is extremely high, their spa services are a mixed bag of everything from blood analysis, thai massage, facials and the above mentioned, not to missed CNT and Karsai.

London, England, United Kingdom

[27] “Amazing place – Amazing People”

November 3, 2011

Tao Gardens is a really beautiful and idyllic setting. It has a real peaceful quality about it. The treatments are wide ranging and the food was incredible. However, the best thing about this place is the people. The staff are incredibly helpful and gracious. Highly recommended.

Dom M
Leicester, United Kingdom
[26] Laura Shapiro
17 April 2012
Hi Moses, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your kind email and referral to the Tao garden. My experience was simply amazing! While I was there I saw a doctor, told him how I’ve had a lot of anxiety and frustration lately and he recommended that i get a chi nei tsang massage. I have to say, I was skeptical, but after this massage I felt fabulous, my anxiety was completely gone and I was in a more serene state. Also I’ve been a smoker for 15years, but since that massage i have quite smoking cigarettes. I am truly amazed and grateful! That being said, I can’t wait for the workshop. I am very excited to continue to learn healing methods and ways to over come my anxiety.

Thanks again!
Laura Shapiro

[25] Yves LEGROUX
Stay 05-17 September 2011

I was visiting the Tao Garden resort just a few days ago. My room was facing the luxurious garden and from my terrace I was amazed by the quality of silence and the luxurious nature all around, it made my two week stay a very enjoyable one.

I strongly recommend their Pakua Clinic, where I could get a thorough check up and treatments to balance my body/mind and get back on a healthy track. The food served is not only tasty and nicely presented but also very nutritious.A warm thank you to the staff they made my stay as smooth as silk!

Best Regards
Owner #402

[24] Ayako Wakui
I am writing this email to show my experience in Tao Garden.
My booking is from 21 to 30 May included ChiNeiTsang1 course.

At first, I booked transportation from Chiang Mai airport before my trip from Japan on the Internet, but nobody was there, and I had been waiting 2hours that I was really tired when I arrived. However, the Accommodation and facility is good enough clean and rich in variety, and the location is wonderful and I impressed.
Full of greens with fresh air, river flown, and birds and bugs are singing that I have been extremely relaxing.

Secondly, Chi Nei Tsang course is amazing.
It is only for 1 week, but lots of useful knowledge and experience we can get than I expected.
I would feel more smooth and kindly if the time table and text were distributed.

Foods also fresh, healthy and tasty, but only I want is much less salt & oil.
Sometimes I feel it tastes heavy.

The treatment already I took is colon hydrotherapy and Karsai Nei Tsang.
Both are first time for me that I felt nerves, but the massage practitioners are kind and skillful.
I would to know more explanation for my body.

And more, really good is all of stuffs are kind and have gentle smile.
Their service is great.

Total is wonderful that I extended 2 more nights.
As I know about body, I want to focus on my own more and more.
I am going to try to take some treatments after finish my course.

Anyway, I send email instead of writing on SNS.
I am going to write on SNS as well to introduce for my friends, after leave here.

Best regards,
Ayako Wakui #410

Thank you for all experience!!!

I really enjoy to stay Universal Healing Tao Garden!!!
It’s truely healing place where surrounding by deep green and coulorful flower or long life Bonsai!
Peopel who are working at Tao Garden is very friendly! always say hello to me with smile.
Room is simple and clean. I appreciate house keeping staff so much.
Treatment is fantastic!!! all massage practitioner have high quality techenique and kindness.
I’ve tried hydro colonic therapy and Kar sai nei tsang which they were first experience for me. even though I was nevers to try it, they cared of me with heartful hospitality and made me relax.
Most reccomendable point is Morning exercise with realiable philosophy!!! It fundamentally makes me happy and inspire me. My life gonna be improved by Tao’s energy a lot!!!

Thank you for your consideration.
I feel Mr. Mantak Chia’s spirit everywhere.
I want to follow it and come back soon!!!

CHIHIRO HAYASHI room no. 410

[22] Mary Etta Rose in May 2011
I had a wonderful time. The health benefits will stay with me for a long time, forever I hope. And the friends I made are grand memories too.

Kindest Regards,
Mary Etta

[21] Marisa Grassi September 06, 2009
Hi. Inspired of my visit being cut short I must say I did benefit from the 4 days in Tao Garden. But I would highly recommend that you hire a counselor especially for customers that are going through detox or make it clear that you do not take on people who have existing medications. I was very candid and honest in my form and indicated all the medications I was taking. I did not realize that I would be asked to stop these but I tried anyway to stop and gave it my best effort. So it was very traumatic for me to be going through withdrawals and have no one from the Gardens talking to me and helping me through this difficult time. Thus I left because I felt I was loosing my mind. Just like any addict going through withdrawals. Except in my case they are actually prescription drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist. As an aside though, just want you to know, that so far thanks to Tao Gardens I was able to cut my medication by 50%! So I guess like all things in life, my experience that had its highs and lows.

Finally I would like to say that the staff were unfailingly kind. I fell in love with the Thai women and shared with them a sense of humor — this was like a ray of sunlight. I give you 100% for service. Dr William as well did the best he could given the circumstances. And I found him to be very caring.

Marisa Grassi

Ann Fogal from USA March 2009
I just finished another 5 day fast and another liver cleanse at home and the process is getting much easier. I hadn’t realized how much work it is in the kitchen – so much shopping, chopping, slicing, juicing, blending and only 5 minutes to drink – and no Peggy to talk to in the meantime! I also made your special soup, but not as good as when you make it. It turned out a bit thick maybe because I didn’t strain the part I blended and added back in. I was very lucky to have been introduced to juice fasting through you because it made my initial experience so much easier and much more fun that it really did facilitate a desire to live a more balanced lifestyle after leaving Tao Garden.

[17] Tao Garden Odyssey
A review of the Tao Garden, the Joy of Juice Club, Liquid Fasting Center and the life changing experience there for a large health blog, By Curtis McCosco http://www.healthynewage.com/blog/tao-garden-healing-retreats/

[16] Judith and Simon

From: simon steinberg [mailto:dim543@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 1:23 AM
To: pakua@tao-garden.com
Subject: Mrs Judith and Mr Simon are very grateful

Hello everybody at Tao Garden Simon here I am writing the following from Mrs

To: Master Mantak Chia and family:

I can hardly believe, that I had the privelige to meet our greatest spiritual leader of our time like yourself, Master Chia, your loving kindness and support to help me to survive, I thank you a million times, for your visit and gifts in the hospital with your beautiful wife and daughter.
I shall never forget it.

To: Dr Kampon:

I just like to say to you Dr Kampon, that I feel the luckiest person in the world, to be able to receive medical help, from the very top of the medical world today can offer as yourself Dr Kampon, with compassion and dedication, I have never seen before, it touched my heart, your service to mankind it is great, I deeply appreciate it all the help you have given to me, thank you so much, wishing you and your family the best of everything.

To: Dr William:

After a short time of my consultation with you Dr William, I felt I am speaking to a real Doctor, I came to you with my horrendous physical state, after 14 months of suffering with horrendous pain 24 hours a day, I could get no help anywhere, all doors were shut and nowhere to go I lived in the world of darkness, suddenly I felt, there was a light coming, here I met this young Doctor, with a huge knowledge of orthodox and alternative health, who really wants to help me, you have restored my optimism, together with your beautiful wife she has given me so much support and kindness, that I felt this was a heaven on earth for me, I cannot find words, to thank you enough, and I adore your children. Wishing you happiness and all good things in life. Thanks for your visit to the hospital, and your beautiful

To: Dr Wong

I always believed in Chinese medicine, and your treatment, helped so much relieve my pains, and all your kindness and compassion. Thank you for your visit to the hospital and for the gift, I am grateful for ever. My best wishes to you and to your family

To: the girls at Tao Garden

I am thousands of miles away from you, but in my thoughts, you are close to me, because you are my Angels, who taught me how to smile again, I love you each one of you, I am just a sick old woman, and you have accepted me so gracefully to be part of the family, you are all an inspiration to the world, as we are nations of families we must learn to love one another, you do it best. Wish you all lots of happiness.

I am sorry I wasn’t able to say goodbye to all the people at Tao Garden, I don’t know their names but remember the faces. I hope to be well and come again to say hello and goodbye to all the beautiful people, including the residents, lovely people like Hillary, I will always remember them with great affection.

Love and light to all
Judith and Simon

David from France Period of stay in Tao Garden : 22 September – 13 October 2008
What I like most about Tao Garden is the great beauty of the place, the calm, and the warm, friendly, respectful environment that is here. I really value the broad range and quality of the treatments here and the opportunity to pick one’s own choice and have a specially individually tailored package. Also the ground facilities here, the quality of the food on the whole, the teas etc. are, I find really good. Unfortunately, I did not get so much opportunity to join in the morning Chi Kung and evening Tao Yin classes but the fact that this is available here makes this health center unique and give a much needed spiritual dimension. But on the whole Tao Garden is really a unique place and health resort.

Going Home a Blessed Canadian – Dean
Period of Stay 24 Oct. – 01 Nov. 2008 – Attained 7 days detox & fasting program.
I am inspired to have a better life after completing the detox & fasting program at Tao Garden. You guys (staff) are great !!!
I am amazed by the quality of your work. Each and everyone of you “Give, give and give more” Wow! You are an example of Eckhart’s Tolle words : “This one step then becomes transformed into an expression of perfection, an act of great beauty and quality. Visitors around the world : “Take consciousness of your inner body and join this team towards Healing, Being and Loving”. How? Surrender to what is, total acceptance. This team is an example of Self Healing. We just need to let go of resistance and enjoy every moment. This moment is the only one important, let it be.

Betty & Wolfgang from Kuwait Period of stay 3-12 September 2008
Wolfgang and myself are grateful that there is Tao Garden to look after the health of people using alternative medicine treatment. Wolfgang feels much better physically and spiritually. The toxic in his body is gone that he enjoys his life now. The morning exercise and yoga helped him a lot that his outlook in life changed completely. He is still doing it everyday. It was really a memorable experience that we started to tell our family and friends to visit your place for treatment. I gave them the brochures and CDs. I hope you will take care of them too. Tao Garden is peaceful and relaxing place. We enjoyed the delicious and healthy food. The medical team and staff are very friendly and caring. By the way, thanks for convincing me to take the colonic treatment ‘coz it made me feel better even though I really hated it. I am exercising everyday to lose weight and stay healthy.

Mr.Mark Stepen Swilley, USA – May 2007
I found Tao Garden place by using Google search. I think your home page is interesting especially the history of a place. I interested to do some detox courses then I made my decision to come here. I like the service of a clinic. The treatments are very effective. There are various kinds of treatments program. Normally the healthy food is difficult to find. However, I come here for treatment not only for food, but really food is good.

Ms. Schika Yamasaki, Japan – May 2007
I found Tao Garden place by a book I don’t remember the name but just a book and then I see the website then book through the website. I like the treatment program very much. I interested in your treatment programs.
I like alkaline water the most because it’s good for health. I think your healthy food has a good taste. Every menu is good for health. I like the food, the taste is good.

Ms. Kim Quan Choo, Malasia – May 2007
I use Google search engine and contact you at www.tao-garden.com. I like the service and the treatments at Pakua Clinic that very nice. You know, I like a hot food. I think the taste is good but do not then I don’t like much. But ok, I think the taste was developed and you all try to develop. when I have a massage at massage place I love it. I feel the natural and it’s very relaxation.

Mr. Peter Elia, Netherland – May 2007 I’m the old guest and in the project friend get friends. This time I bring 10 people to come here. I impress almost everything, place, food, treatment. But my treatment schedule is very tight. I have to have treatments every day continuing. But the service is ok. I impress. The food here is good. But I have been here continuing 3 years but coming this time I feel that the food has been so much developed. I feel that your food is upgraded, right? The taste is better.

Dianne More (Australian) 08/06/2007 jmore@bigpond.com
Tao Garden is a very pleasant experience and peaceful. The facilities are very good and the staff is very friendly and helpful. The programs offered are quite effective and very according to each person needs.”The programs also offer the choice of changing treatments if the client wishes. My experience with the weight loss program has been very successful. My only criticism is there should be a fitness program included in the package. Most people need to be advised on an exercise program. The auto machine is very good and the food is fantastic. I like the fact that all the foods are market with the blood group suitable for each particular food. Generally all the facilities and staff are very good.

Ruben Macias (Mexico) 09/06/2007 zenruben1@yahoo.com
Tao Garden is a fantastic experience and a very good place to stay, all treatments that I have been talking are excellent, and all treatment is very good. The place is amazing: very quite, relax, clean and calm, so I can relax. The food is very taste and healthy. 1 can feel how my body likes to eat this good food. All massage practitioners are very professional, and all of them can solve my-health problem. All the people that works very nice, all of them take care of me and what I need with a good massage and with a big smile. I believe that no place like this in the heart. I can find everything to be healthy. I have been talking many treatments and I feel fantastic. The program doctors, nurses, staff, taste and treatment are excellent, and help me very much to be health and so I feel very strong. I just want to say thanks for a fantastic place, thanks Master Chia.

Terry Bingley, ENGLAND www.THinnc.co.uk
As a retired person I arrived at the Tao Garden tired and feeling my years. What a fantastic difference the Detox and a few days made. It was all new to me but I was most impressed with the whole experience including Taoist concepts – my body is really grateful and will be back …. 29 April 05