Jutta Kellenberger
Senior Tao Instructor

In 1987 Jutta attended her first workshop with Master Mantak Chia, after having first enjoyed the practical guidance of Taoist Master Mantak Chia’s books. Ever since            Read More…

Walter Kellenberger
Senior Tao Instructor

More than 30 years since he and his wife Jutta have studied the practices of the Universal Healing Tao. They were trained personally by Taoist Master Mantak Chia for            Read More…

Colin Drown
Certified Instructor

Colin is UHT Certified instruction. Meditation, Chi Kung, Healing Love. Tantric Teacher for singles and couples. Vivation Offer 2 hrs THB 3,600 per person | 3 hrs – Couple THB 4,000          Read More…

Dr. Angela Longo PhD

43 years of Chinese acupuncture / herbs and Biochemistry from UCB. Live Mirror-calls (miracles)! • Chinese Herbs and Stem Cell • Rejuvenation.
Beauty Face-lift with Energy & Light
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Morakot Piyakesin
Certified Instructor

Our mind can be used in many different ways to create healing for the body. In this private class, we explore possibilities of the mind through meditation techniques of the Thai Buddhists, Tibetans to Taoists.     Read More…

White Tiger Qigong – Tevia Feng (available Sept. 2018)

White Tiger Qigong – Tevia Feng has been training martial arts, qigong and meditation since the age of 7.  Since then, he has lived in China studying in over 40 forms of     Read More…

Mal Weeraratne (available December 21-29, 2017)

Founder of Tantric Journey – School of Healing and Awakening, Author of Emotional Detox through bodywork, Speaker
Mal is the British Pioneer in the area of Emotional Detox through Tantra – Bodywork.. Each session is 3 hours      Read More…

Marian Brandenburg (Body Intuitive Massage , Children Instructor) 

available 2 Dec, 2017- 28 Feb,2018

With over 40 years practice in the Natural Healing Arts, as a massage therapist Marian Brandenburg provides a unique experience with her highly intuitive touch, powerfully assisting your healing on the deepest levels of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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Benjamin Elan, Dip. Ac, MA – Classical Chinese Doctor and Narrative Counselor (available September till 30th of December 2017)

Benjamin has been devoted to the study and practice of Chinese Medicine and Holistic Psychology for over 10 years. He is a certified Classical Chinese Doctor and White Tiger Qi Gong instructor and holds a Master’s degree in Narrative Therapy.

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Ajna Light Pineal Activation Neuro Light Brain Wellness (available November Wednesday 22th 2017)

Free Health Lecture by Rich Heart Facilitator of the Ajna Light Sessions. The Ajna Light is a Pineal Gland Activator. It is an innovative and highly effective device that works through brainwave entrainment.

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Christa Only (available 1st December 2017 – 27 th February 2018)

Christa started to study 28 years ago the Universal Healing Taoist techniques from Master Mantak Chia after a period of long sickness. Her healing takes place by channeling higher frequencies from the void as she uses her body as an open channel connecting with these higher frequencies to the imbalances in the client’s body.

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Chiropractic Treatments

(available 1st December 2017 – 30 th January 2018)

Dr. Leonard McGill, He’s been a Chiropractor for 23 years. His book, “The Chiropractor’s Health Book,” is the bestselling self-help Chiropractic book of all time, having been published in the US, Canada, Great Britain and Russia. Make your appointment today and start feeling better immediately!”

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Drs.Marita E.C.L. Schropp (available 11 st December 2017)

          • Master of clinical psychology,R.U,Rijks University of Utrecht,the Netherlands
          • Non verbal interventions to take“ care of the the soul”,Academy for Art Therapy,Methodology dr.Steiner,dr.Hauschka,Cristeller -Mees,Zeist,the Netherlands and Dornach,Swiss.

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Dr. Johnathon Dao (available 19 th December 2017)

Dr. Johnathon Dao MD(AM) has been in clinical practice and involved in the healing arts for 25 years which began as a degree in Acupuncture & Chinese medicine which included Shiatsu and other forms of bodywork at the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies on the Gold Coast. Even before he became a doctor of Chinese Medicine he was interested in Taoism which was first initiated by Master Chia’s book “Fusion of the 5 elements.”